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US His 4

Social Gospel Follow the Bible's teaching to improve society
Jane Adams Leading figure in the settlement house movement
Muckrakers Journalists who reported on the hazardous conditions in factories and cities during the Progressive Era
Recall Called back to office
Settlement house Community center that provided social services to the urban poor
Jacob Riss In the 1800's photographed the horable conditions in the tenement buildings in which the urban poor lived
Direct Primary Election in which citizens vote to select nominees for upcoming elections
Initiative Process in which citizens put a proposed new law directly on the ballot
Referendum Allowed citizens to approve or reject laws passed by the legislature
Upton Sinclair Wrote "The Jungle" exposing the horrors in the meat packing industry,including the living and working conditions in the Chicago stockwards
Workers' compensation laws Reform resulting from the Triangle Shirtwasit Factory fire
Which group did Progressive reformers target? City officials who built corrupt organizations called political machines
Working conditions of industrial workers Unsafe machinery, poorly lite, and poorly ventilated factories
Temperance movement Campaign to stop the use of alcohol
Florence Kelly Formed Women's Trade Union League to push for laws to improve working conditions for women in factories
National Consumer League (NCL) Identified products made under healthy working conditions and encouraged women to buy these products
Suffrage Right to vote
Alice Paul Founder of National Women's Party, which used public protest marches to demand the right to vote
Nineteenth Amendment Stated that the right to vote"shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex"
Ida B. Wells Founded the National Association for Colored Women to help African American families and those who were less fortunate
Difference between the NWP and the NAWSA Strategies used to achieve their goals
Muller v. Oregon Limited working hours for women
Americanization Teach immigrants to adopt white, middle class Protestant lifestyles
Booker T. Washington African American leader who urged hard work and patience in the pursuit of full citizenship rights
W.E.B. Du Bois Young blacks should get a college education and demand immediate Constitutional rights
Niagara League Pushed for immediate racial reforms, especially in education and voting networks of churches & clubs that set up employment agencies & relief efforts
Mutualistas Mexican Americans that make loans & provide legal assistance to other members of their community
Who did W.E.B. Du Bois criticize? Booker T. Washington
This led to the formation of the NAACP Springfield riot
NAACP Nation Association for the Advancement of Colored People-planned to use the courts to challenge laws that were unfair to African Americans
1908 Springfield Riot Whited attempted to lynch two African American prisoners, mob got angry when they discovered the men were removed from jail for their own safety and killed two people and burned 40 homes.
Formed the Anti-Defamation League to protect itself from verbal attacks and false statements Jewish Americans
A 1913 California law forced this group to sell their land Japanese Americans
Became President when William McKinley was assassinated Theodore Roosevelt
The Square Deal Pres. Roosevelt's program to protect the interests of small business owners and the poor-program for fair government
Requires federal inspection of meat-processing plants Meat Packing Act
The work of this naturalist lead Congress to establish Yosemite National Park in 1890 John Muir
1912 Presidential candidate for the New Nationalism Party Theodore Roosevelt
Hepburn Act Gave government the authority to set and limit shipping costs
Under this President, the federal govern. brought many lawsuits against corporations William Howard Taft
National Reclamation Act Managed the natual resource of water
The concept of "rational use" means... Forests should be preserved for the public use
Theodore Roosevelt supported this. Big businesses that did business fairly
Woodrow Wilson Sent federal troops to break up the miners' strike in Ludlow, Penn.
New Freedom Wilson's plan for government in the US
Sixteenth Amendment Gave Congress the power to create an income tax
Federal Reserve Act Placed national banks under the control of a central authority
FTC Federal Trade Commission-established to monitor business practices that might lead to monopolies
Clayton Antitrust Act Spelled out activities in which businesses could not engage and allowed workers to organize into unions legally
Woodrow Wilson was a member of this party in the 1912 Presidential election Democrat
Wilson lowered this in an attempt to protect workers. Import tariffs
Why did the US banking system need to be reformed in the 1900's? The nation had no central authority to supervise banks which gave just a few wealthy banks a great deal of control over the national, state, and local bank's reserves
Adamson Act Prevent a nationwide railroad strike
Progressivism Movement that arose in the 1890's to address social problems
Pure Food and Drug Act Legislation passed to control the safety of foods and medicines
Pres. elected in 1912 and then attacked the "triple wall of privilege" Woodrow Wilson
Urban League Helped poor African American families send their children to school
Dawes Act Native American reservations were divided into plots to be sold to whites
Why did Pres. Roosevelt get involved in the 1902 coal miners' strike in Pennsylvania? To maintain a steady flow of coal for factories and homes
Triple wall of privilege Tariffs, banks, and trusts that blocked businesses from being free
Margaret Sanger Activist who opened the country's first birth-control clinic
Gifford Pinchot Lead the Division of Forestry under Pres. Roosevelt
NAWSA-National American Womens Suffrage Assoc. Worked for women's suffrage
Ida B. Wells Black teacher who helped form the National Association of Colored Women
Natualist novels Portrayed human misery and the struggles of common people
Walter Rauschenbusch Outlined the Social Gospel movement in a book titled "Christianity and the Social Crisis"
Who was most affected by the passage of the Dawes Act? Native Americans
Lincoln Stephens Leading muckracker, was managing editor of McClure's magazine which was known for uncovering social prolems
Hull House Settlement house in Chicago, Ill.
John Spargo Muckraker that focused on the difficult lives of child worker
Ida Tarbell Muckraker that reported John D. Rockefeller used ruthless methods to ruin his competition
Theodore Dreiser Midwesterner raised in poverty, published "Sister Carrie" in 1900 which traced the fate of a small-town girl drawn into the brutal urban worlds of Chicago and New York
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
Frances Ellen Watkins African American author who wrote "Iola Leroy" that portrayed the struggles of black Americans
Frank Norris Naturalist novelist, wrote "The Octopus" which dramatized the Southern Pacific Railroad's stranglehold on struggling California farmers
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire March 1911, New York City, Brought to light the need for worker protection. NY passed laws to make work places safer, some adopted Workers' Compensation Laws
Robert M. LaFollette Wisconsin governor who established a direct primary where citizens themselves voted to select nominees for upcoming elections
17th Amendment Changed the way Senators were chosen
Florence Kelly Lawyer and member of Progress movement who helped convince Illinois to ban child labor also active in creating the National Consumers League
National Consumer League Gave special labels to goods produced under fair, sage , and healthy working conditions and urged women to buy them and avoid products without the special labels
Carrie Chapman Catt One of the country's first female school superintendents, became president of National American Woman Suffrage Association
National American Woman Suffrage Called for action on two fronts, 1.lobby Congress to pass a constitutional amendment giving women voting rights. 2.try to pass state suffrage laws
Bryn Mawr Women's college
Radcliffe University Testing home of the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
Women's Trade Union League Group that tried to improve conditions for female factory workers
18th Amendment Prohibited the making, selling and consumption of alcohol
Nativist Americans who argued that new arrivals took jobs away from native-born workers and threatened American religious, political and cultural traditions
Civil Disobedience The act of refusing to obey certain laws of a government
Hepburn Act 1906 law that gave government authority to set and limit railroad rates, maximum prices for ferries, bridge tolls and oil pipelines
John Muir California naturalist whose efforts led Congress to create Yosemite National Park
National Reclamation Act Gave federal government the power to decide where and how water would be distributed
New Nationalism Roosevelt's program to restore the government's trustbusting power
Progressive Party Bull Moose Party-Sliver of the Republican Party who supported Theodore Roosevelt's run for president in 1912
Leon Czogosz Polish American and former steel worker responsible for the assassination of Pres. McKinley
Mann-Elkins Act Gave government control over telephone and telegraph rates
Food and Drug Administration Enforces laws of Pure Food and Drug Act
Clayton Anti-Trust Act Strengthened earlier antitrust laws by spelling out those activities businessess counld not engage
Princeton First admitted women in 1887
Ben Bernanke served two terms as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank
Inflation Sustained increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time
Deflation Decrease in the general price level of goods and services
Workingman's Compensation Act Granted assistance of federal civil-service employees during periods of instability but was invalidated by the Supreme Court.
Yellowstone First National park in the United States
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