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4th grade SS

Chapter 8

poverty condition of being poor
suburb strict town or city just outside of a city
boll weevil small north american beetle that does great damage to the cotton crop by eating young seed pods
ratified approved
suffrage the right to vote; franchise
labor union a group of young workers who joined together to gain better pay and work
Constitution of 1901 making it nearly impossible for African American men and others to vote
technology use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
constitutiom of 1901 it ratified on November 11, 1901
Bourbon Redeemers wanted a new constitution because tehy watned to take away the right to vote from men who were poor and from African American men
Constitution of 1901 topic of debate during the constitutional convention was whether all women, African American men, and poor men should have voting rights
Braxton Bargainer got money to refor education in Alabam through taxes and used his own money, as well
technology light bulbs
technology telephone
technology typewriter
communication in 1800s easier because telephone was invented which allowed people to talk long distance
highway department developed in 1911; was developed when streetcars were invented
Governor Thomas Kilby helped fund a state program that helped people learn to read and write
streetcars helped Alabama populations grow because they transported people to suburbs and cities
1928 invention first passenger airline from Birmingham to Atlanta
steel joined coal and iron as one of Alabama's biggest industries
lower wages one way farmers cut costs
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