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Hickson's Nat. Amer.

Native American Unit 1 Vocabulary

dugout a boat made from a large, hollowed-out log
barter to trade or exchange goods
harpoon long spears with sharp shell points
totem pole a pole carved with shapes and animals
igloo a dwelling (home)made of large blocks of ice stacked into a dome shape
ceremony a series of actions performed during a certain event.
pueblo a Spanish word for village
glacier a slow moving sheet of ice
plateau area of high mostly flat lands
plain area of flat or gently rolling land
desert dry land with few plants
mesa flat topped mountain with steep sides
staples main foods or goods that a tribe would eat
adapt fit a person's way of living to the land and its resources
surplus an amount of an object or good more than what is needed
clan group of families related to each other
tribe a term often used to describe a group of Native Americans who share a language and customs
ancestors early family members
artifacts objects made by early people
archaeologists scientists that study the culture of people that lived long ago
potlatches a special Native American gathering or celebration with feasting and dancing
lodges large circular houses, built over shallow pits and covered with sod, shared with many families
Created by: tammydhickson