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Heath History Ch 1

History Ch 1

radiocarbon dating a method of determining how old biological objects are by measuring how much radioactivity left in a special type of carbon
Ice Age a period of extremely cold temperatures when part of the planet's surface was covered with massive ice sheets
glacier a huge ice sheet
nomad a person who continually moves from place to place
agricultural revolution period when early Americans learned how to plant and raise crops
maize (corn)one of the first crops grown by early Americans
civilization a highly organized society marked by knowledge of trade, government,the arts, science, and often, written language
obsideian a dark glass formed by the cooling of molten lava
kiva circular ceremonial room built by the Anasazi
pueblo spanish for village
kachina a good spirit that the pueblo people believed brought messages fromthe gods to their town each year
slash and burn agriculture a farming technique in which land is cleared and made fertile by burning forests
longhouse large rectangular buildings with barrel shaped roofs covered in bark used by some native americans
wigwam conical or dome shaped building built by native americans using bent poles covered with hides or bark
kingship group large group of extended families
savannah a rolling grassland
mosque muslim place of worship
matrilineal tracing descent through the maternal line
feudalism political system in which powerful leaders gave land to nobles in exchange for loyalty
manorialism economic system in which peasants provide services to a feudal lord in exchange for protection
serf person bound to a manor
Renaissance french for rebirth, 1350 to 1600
astrolabe device used to determine direction, latitude, and local time
caravel sailing ship capable of long distance exploration
line of demarcation north-south line of longitude dividing lands in the Americas claimed by Spain and Portugal
circumnavigate to sail around
Columbian Exchange series of complex societal and environmental interactions between Europe and the Americans begun with Columbus's voyage
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