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World Cult. 1.1-1.2

Culture Learned and shared ideas, feelings, and survival strategies
Social Organization Every culture organizes its members into small units Ex: Social classes, Families, Work
Customs Rules of behavior Ex: Raising your hand in class, Thumbs up
Art Products of human imagination teach about our cultures values Ex: Folk Tales, Hip-Hop
Religion Linked to art, supports the values that a group of people consider important Ex: Church, Temple
Forms of Government The person/people who hold power in a society Ex: People form governments to provide for their basic needs
Economic Systems How people use limited resources to satisfy their wants and needs Ex: Cheaper to by items later
Language Allows for communication of thoughts, feelings, and knowledge Ex: Whole U.S. officially English speaking
Technology Skills and tools people use, Makes things go faster, New skills Ex: Computers
Environment The natural environment shaped human culture, Peoples way of life was influenced by where they lived
New Ideas People have to change the environment changing their actions to help the environment
Cultural Diffusion The movement of customs or ideas from one place to another
Westernization Affect that a developed nation has on a under developed nation Ex: Western Clothes
Globalization Phenomenon of the world getting smaller
Traditional People produce most of what they need to survive (NO Government) Hunter/Gathering
Market Individuals answer the basic economic question s by buying and selling goods and services (Some Government)
Command Government controls what goods are produced Ex: China (A lot of Government)
Mixed Individuals make some decisions government makes the others Ex: U.S.
Nuclear Family A family type that consists of a mom, dad, and siblings Ex: My family
Extended Family Several generations living in one household Ex: My family plus grandparents
Monotheism Worship of one god Ex: Jesus Crist
Polytheism Worship of more than one god Ex: Jesus and Ali
Democracy Form of government in which the people have supreme power Ex: The right to vote
Republic People choose their leaders that represent them Ex: U.S. is a democraticrepublic
Dictatorship Form of government in which a ruler holds power by force Ex: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini
Subculture Group of people within a society who have their own separate beliefs, and values Ex: Muslims within the U.S. Amish
Ethnocentrism Judging other cultures by the standards of ones own culture
Racism Belief that one racial group is superior to another Ex: African Americans to colocations
Created by: j-ruth17
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