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H1 Test Georgia Stud

H1 Unit Test for Georgia Studies

Which group made most of their tools and weapons out of stone? Paleo
What is the main reason that there are few artifacts found in one place for the Paleo people They moved frequently (were nomads).
The archaic people moved frequently to... find enough food.
First people to use pottery Archaic
Which people were the first to use the bow and arrow? Woodland
The woodland people were the first to use... burial mounds
These prehistoric people were the most advanced and were the first to paint and tattoo their bodies Mississippian
Why did European nations want to explore the New World? Riches
What is the name of the first explorer to enter present day Georgia? Hernando de Soto
Who were the three major colonizers of the New World France, Spain, and Great Britain
Great Britains trade policy during colonization was called... Mercantilism
What is the main way that Hernando de Soto affected native american cultures Many died of warfare and disease.
Spanish missions impacted native american cultures by... forcing them to work for them.
The New World was settled mainly for... Economic reasons/gold and riches.
Native Americans and Europeans did not agree on the idea of common ownership of land. This often led to warfare between the Native Americans and European settlers.
Mercantilism benefited Great Britain by... allowing them to import fewer goods from other countries.
The Spanish concentrated their colonization along Georgia's barrier islands because... It was easier for their ships to access the shore.
The french were different from the other explorers (Spain & Britain) because... they were allies with native americans.
All three colonizers (French, Spain, Britain) had one thing in common: They all wanted gold/riches.
The purpose of the Spanish mission system was too Spread catholicism
Fur traders and wanted gold/riches French explorers
Created by: nrchastain