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Six Major Dates AH13

Six Major Dates from American History

List the 6 major dates in chronological order. 1607, 1620, 1776, 1787, 1803, 1861-1865
What event happened in 1607? Who was involved? Why? Era? England's 1st successful settlement was founded in Jamestown, VA. John Smith, John Rolfe, Pocohontas England wanted economic gain from the colony. Colonization
What event happened in 1620? Who was involved? Why? Era? Mayflower Contract was written. Male Pilgrims and passengers on Mayflower wrote the contract. Contract was written bc they wanted to set up self government. Colonization
What event happened in 1776? Who was involved? Why? Era? Declaration of Independence was written. Thomas Jefferson-main writer Colonists wanted freedom from England's rule. Revolution
What event happened in 1787? Who was involved? Why? Era? Philadelphia Convention where the US Constitution was written. 55 men including George Washington and James Madison. Written to set up framework for US Government. New Republic.
What event happened in 1803? Who was involved? Why? Era? Louisiana Territory was purchased by US. Thomas Jefferson (US President), Napoleon Bonaparte(French Ruler) Doubled the size of the US New Republic
What event happened in 1861-1865? Who was involved? Why? Era? US Civil War N vs S, Abe Lincoln vs Jefferson Davis, Generals Grant vs Lee Political division in US. Result: slavery abolished Sectionalism and Civil War
Created by: kwittner