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8SS_Tabat_Chapter 1

Chapter 1

What does a secondary source include? textbooks and items created by people who didn't witness actual events
Where is the textile, furniture and tobacco industries located? the Piedmont area
What region is the most sparsely populated? the Mountain region
What is the largest and easternmost region in NC? the Coastal Plain
What is a primary source? letters, diaries, photographs and oral accounts
Where was the first part of the state settled by the Europeans? the Coastal Plain near the Atlantic Ocean
What does the geography of NC provide? a varied landscape
What is the fall line? a place where the Piedmont land drops to the lower lands of the Coastal Plain
What region is the most urbanized, industrialized and wealthiest region? The Piedmont
How would you describe the Coastal Plain? rural with farming as a major economic activity
What does "human feature" refer to? people and how they impact their environment
What are the Barrier Islands of NC also known as? the Outer Banks
Where is the Piedmont located? between the Coastal Plain and the Mountain Region
What do rivers, marshes and mountains describe? physical features
What region remains rural with tourism as one of the major industries? the Mountain Region
What are some differences between the Piedmont economy and the Coastal Plains economy? The Coastal Plain's major activity is farming and make their living through commercial fishing and tourism. The Piedmont is the most industrialized with textiles, furniture and tobacco as their major activity.
What is the location and economy of the Mountain region? They are located in the Western part of the state. Tourism is the major industry. Apples, tobacco & Christmas trees are the major farm products.
How can lessons in history guide you in understanding life today? Lessons help you understand that the same forces that shaped the past also shape the world today. Lessons can offer stories and past experiences in understanding about life in the present
Created by: ndmsteach