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Microbiology for Board Exam 1

Whooping cough (pertussis) Bordetelia pertussis
Recurrent fever/relapsing fever Borrelia Recurrentis
Bang's disease (zoonosis from cattle) Brucella abortus
Diphtheria Corynebacterium diphtheriae
Valley fever (fungal infect. of lung) Coccidioidomycosis
Thrush, candidiasis Candida albicans
Amebic disentery Entamoeba histolytica
Infectious Mono Epstien Barr Virus
Rabbit Fever (tularemia Francisella tularensis
Diarrhea in AIDS patients Giardia lamblia
pneumonia and meningitis (0-3yoa) Haemophilus influenza
Contagious Conjunctivitis (pink Eye) Haemophilus aegyptius
Chancroid(soft/painful) Haemophilus ducreyi
Ohio valley fever (chicken coops) Histoplasmosis
fever blister herpes simplex virus
herpes zoster virus shingles
TB mycobacterium tuberculosis
meningitis neisseria meningitidis
gonorrhea neisseria gonorrhoeae
Malaria plasmodium vivax, malariae, ovale
black water fever (malaria) plasmodium falciparum
open burn infection (blue pus) pseudomonas aeruginosa
Rodky mountain spotted fever Deer tick rickettsiarickettsii
murine typhus, endemic typhus fleas rickettsia typhi
Q fever milk coxiella burnetii
trench fever louse rickettsia quintana
rickettsial pox mites rickettsia akari
tsutsugamushi disease mites rickettsia tsutsugamushi
epidemic typhus louse rickettsia prowazeki
measles rubeola
german measles rubella
salmonella food poisoning salmonella enteriditis
red pigment when grown at room temp (red pus) serratia marcescens
bacillary dysentery shigella
mumps (parotitis) sidomegalic paramyzoid vius
osteomyelitis (yellow pus), scalded skin syndrome, toxic shock, carbuncles staph. aureus
Scarlet fever, strep throat, acute glomerulonephritis, erysipilas, rhematic fever Group A Beta Hemolytic Strep (S. Pyogenes)
subacute bacterial endocarditis (SBE) Alpha Hemolytic Strep (S. Viridans)
Toxoplasmosis cats toxoplasma gondii
syphilis hard, painless treponema pallidum
yaws treponema pertenue
trichinosis treichinella spiralis
african sleeping sickness trypansoma gambiense
hookworm necator americanus
pinworm enterobius vermicularis
fish tapeworm diphyllobothrium latum
beef tapeworm taenia saginata
roundworm ascaris lumbricoides
cow pox vaccinia
chicken pox varicella
small pox variola
cholera vibrio cholerae
yellow fever viscerotropic virus
bubonic plague yersinia pestis
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