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Unit one, Main ideas


What are the four purposes of government? Maintain order, Povide public services, provide national security, and make economic decisions.
What is the purpose to maintain order? To provide ways to live peacefully in groups.
What is the purpose to provide public services? To Promote general welfare and make commuinty life possible.
What is the purpose to provide national security? Protect boarders from invasion
What is the purpose to make economic deccisions? To provide economic resources.
What are some characteristics for an authoritarian govt.? Unlimited power, personal/small group, limited freedoms
What are some characteristics for a democratic forms of government? Limited power, rule by the people, and freedoms protected.
What set up a strong state govt. and a weak central govt. in the US? Articals of confederation
What are the five weaknesses of the Articals of Confederation? 1. could not tax 2. could not regulate trade 3. laws needed 9 states to approve 4. no exec. branch system 5. no common currency
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? To explain why the colonies were seperated from England
Why did the Anti-Federalists oppose the constitution? No bill of rights