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bacteria disease

Bacteria diseases - microbiology

Yarsinia pestis Bubonic Plague rat flea bubos, black death arthropod born
Francisella Tularensis Tularemia Rabbits Rabbit fevers arthropod borne
Brucella abortus Brucelosis water, milk Bang's disease water borne
Vibrio Cholerae Cholera comma shape, rice water stools water borne
Shigella dysentery Shigella Bacillary dysentery water borne
E. Coli traveller's diarrhea montezuma's revenge water borne
Clostridium Botulinum Botulism canned foods Exotoxin, neurotoxin...diploplia, death food borne
Staph Aureus Staphloccoccus 2-4 hr of ingestion, no fever food borne
Salmonella Enterides Salmonella eggs and egg product 12-24 hr after ingestion, fever food borne
Salmonella typhi Typhoid Fever Rose colored spots on abdomen, hides in peyers patches and gall bladdar food borne
C. Jejuni Campylobacter 1-7 days after ingestion, fever, abdominal px, infectious diarrhea, low infecting dose, blood and pus in stools food borne
Bacillus Antrhracis Anthrax soil, animals aka woolsorter's disease, a zoonosis soil borne
Clostridium tetani Tetanus Lockjaw (trismus) soil borne
Clostridium pertringins Gas Gangrene aka C. Welchi soil borne
Bacteria types (4) Cocci: round Bacilli: bar shaped Spirochetes: ex treponema pallidum Pleomorphic: many shapes
Spirochetes (5) lymes disease relapsing fever leptospirosis yaws syphilis
Bacterial enzymes that add virulence (5) Coagulase, Hemolysin, Hyaluronidase, Leukocidin, streptokinase
Borrelia burgdorferi Lymes Disease Deer tick Erythema chronicum migricans, bullseye rash spirochete
Borrelia Recurrentis Relapsing fever ticks, lice, rabbits fever comes and goes
Leptospira interrogans Leptospirosis Contaminated H2O Weils Syndrome Spriochete
Treponema Partenue Yaws Casual contact non-venereal syphilis Spriochete
Trponema pallidum Syphilis STD Venereal syphilis Spirochete
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