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Viral disease

viral diseases for microbiology

Vaccinia cow pox - skin
varicella chicken pox, herpes zoster, giant multinucleated cells - skin
variola small pox, GUARNERI Bodies- skin
Rubeola regual measles, red measles, Koplik spots- skin
Rubella German Measles, birth defects(1st trimester)- skin
Herpes Simplex fever blister/cold sores, genital herpes- skin
Herpes Zoster shingles from DRG - skin
Psittacosis parrot fever (lower resp. tract) - resp.
Rhinovirus common cold- resp.
Mononucleosis Epstein Barr v, paul bunnell, monospot, heterophile antibody, Downey Cell - resp.
Mumps Parotitis, secondary Orchitis, Sidomegalic Paramyxoid virus - resp.
Influenza Flu, pneumonia - resp.
Adenovirus Conjunctivitis, pharyngitis - resp.
Coxsackle childhood dysentery, hand, foot and mouth disease - enteric
Echovirus skin rash, heart disease - enteric
Polio Bulbar type produces resp. paralysis and is the major cause of death from polio, carried by water, affects anterior horn - enteric
Rabies RNA virus, Rhabdo virus, NEGRI BODIES in the brain, Hydrophobic - other
Hepatitis a: ORAL/FECAL transmission, food such as seafood b: SEXUAL or blood c: TRANSFUSIONS (non A or B)
AIDS Retro virus, reverse transcriptase make DNA from RNA, attacks T helper cells, Patients susceptible to: Pneumocysits carinii, Nocardia asteroides, Giardia lamblia, Kaposi sarcoma - other
Arboviruses Group A: western/easter/st.louis equine encephalitis - misquito Group B: Yellow Fever Dengue Fever - misquito
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