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Microbiology for Board Exam 1

Epidemic Rapidly affects many persons in a certain area within a few days or weeks
Endemic a small number of cases in a specific location present all of the time
Pandemic causes more than the expected number of cases of a disease on a worldwide basis
Prevalence the number of people with disease that occurs at a certain time in designated area
Incidence frequency of occurrence over a period of time, the number of new cases of a disease
Leading cause of Death infants Respiratory infection, poison(aspirin MC)
leading cause of Death 1-35yoa accidents
leading cause of Death Adults 1. Heart 2. Cancer 3. Accidents
Name 7(8) steps of water purification 1. filtration - large stuff 2. flocculation 3. sedimentation 4. sludge digestion - add of anaerobic bact. 5. sand filtration - removes anaerobic bacteria 6. aeration -adds oxygen 7. chlorination - kill bacteria *8. possible fluorination(per city)
CDC center for disease control - epidemics
FDA Food and Drug admin - safety and health products
HHS dept of health and human services- controls FDA, CDC, USPHS
HSA Health service admin - controls OSHA, immigrants, under-served
NIH National institutes of health - finance, research
OSHA occupation safety and health admin - work toxicity levels, hazardous materials
USDA(g) US dept. of agriculture - milk and milk products
Name stains and what they stain for (6) 1. Gram :+ blue, - red 2. Thayer Martin: chocolate/gonorrhea 3. Mannitol salt: Staph 4. Sabourand: Fungi 5. Acid Fast: Mycobacterium 6. Giemsa: protozoans
Color of pus (3) blue: pseudomonas aeruginos yellow: staph. aureus Red: Serratia Marcescens
Syphilis tests (6) Kline, Kahn, Wasserman, TPI, VDRL, Darkfield
TB tests (4) Mantoux test, Tine test, Acid fast(Ziehl Nielson stain), BCG (TB vaccine)
Mononucleosis Tests (5) Paul Bunnell, Monospot, Heterophile, Antibody, Downey Cell
Pasteurization Methods (3) Holding method: 145-30 flash: 161-15 Ultrahigh Method: 191-2-5
Hypersensitivity Reactions type 1-4 A: 1: anaphylactic C: 2: cytotoxic I: 3: Immune complex Mediated D: 4: Delayed Hypersensitive
autotroph oxidize inorganic matter for energy
heterotroph requires organic matter for energy
saprophyte nutrition from dead decaying matter for energy
parasite feeds on living matter for energy *pathogens are parasites that cause disease
facultative can function in presence or absence of oxygen
fermentation anaerobic decompostition of CHO to alcohols odors
symbiosis Mutualism synergism commensalism 2 pop. living together - one or both benefit 2 pop. living together - both benefit 2 pop. living togerher - both benefit and accomplish what neither can do alone - one benefits and the other is unaffected
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