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Vocab Chapter 3

Vocabulary from chapter 3

Joint-stock Company Investors formed a company to gain profits from stocks.
Charter A written Contract
Jamestown The first official English Colony formed 1607 in honor of King James.
John Smith A soldier and adventurer who took control of Jamestown when they were in trouble.
Indentured Servant Men and women who sold their labor to the person who paid for the passage to the colony. After working for a few years they were free.
House of Burgesses The first representative assembly , built in 1619.
Bacon's Rebellion Rebellion lead by Nathaniel Bacon after Governor Berkeley refused to agree to any of his ideals. Jamestown was burned afterwards.
Pilgrims A separist group which left England after the The Church of England was ebstablished. They left for America on the Mayflower, but its course was destroyed and they ended up at Plymouth Rock, where they stuggled.
Mayflower Compact A agreement to obey laws agreed upon for the colony's sake.
Puritans Group that left England after bad tratment from King James. Unlike the Pilgrim's, the Puritans wanted to reform the Church, or "purify" it.
Great Migration Thousands of Puritans to left for other places. 20k left for New England
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Laws that limited the power of the government and gave voting rights to non-church members.
Roger Williams A minister in Salem, Massachusetts, who founded the first Baptist church in American. Because of his beliefs, he was cast out from his colony, but he later left to Rhode Island.
Anne Hutchinson She believed that a person could worhip God without the help of the church, Bible, or minister.
King Philip's War In 1675-1676 a brutal war was fought between the Puritans and Native Americans. The native Americans lost the war.
Peter Stuyvesant The governor of New Netherland. He lost the support of his people because of his harsh and strict personality.
Patroon A person who brought 50 settlers to New Netherland. They were rewarded a large land grant as well as special privileges in fishing, hunting, and fur trading.
Duke of York King Charles II's brother who was told by him to drive the Dutch out of New Netherland because it possessed threats to England such as trade and quick expansion.
Proprietary Colony The Duke's ships arrived at New Netherland and they immediately surrendered.
William Penn A large land owner born into a wealthy family. He joined the Quackers.
Quackers A person who believed all people should live in peace and harmony; accepted differences
Royal Colony A colony ruled by governors appointed by the king.
James Oglethorpe In 1732 he founded Georgia as a refuge for debaters.
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