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Colonization of GA

These were the 3 reasons given to King George for establishing Georgia: Defense, Economics, and Philanthropy
The group of 21 trustees were expected to manage the colony and report back to the King. To ensure no one gained power the King put restrictions on them. List some of those restrictions: 1. Couldn't own land 2. Could not hold political office 3. Could not be paid for their work
A legal document that established Georgia and listed the rights, restrictions, and privileges of the people was called a ________ and was granted in this year: ________ A charter and 1732
A colony that is governed directly by the King was called a: royal colony
The four groups of people that King George did not allow to settle in Georgia were: Blacks, Lawyers, Liquor Dealers, and Catholics
Who was the translator for James Oglethorpe and Tomochichi Mary Musgrove
Colonists that were upset with the restrictions placed upon them such as no slaves and liquor and no land ownership were known as? Malcontents
What are WRIST crops? the crops Oglethorpe promised to produce in the new world: wine, rice, indigo,silk, and tobacco
Which group of people were highly trained soldiers that helped to defend the colony? Highland Scots
Which group of people came to the colony for religious freedom and were credited for saving the colony from a malaria outbreak early on thanks to their doctor, Samuel Nunes? The Portuguese Jews
Which two reasons for establishing Georiga were the most important for King George II? defense and economics
Which two crops were best able to be produced in Georgia during colonization? rice and indigo
Who would have most likely said the following, "We have helped Georgia greatly, we work hard, plant well and established an orphanage here in the colony. We are against slavery, but otherwise we get along well with the colonists." the Salzburgers
Who could participate in government under a royal colony? white men who were wealthy and owned land
what changes did the malcontents help make in the colony? they ended land ownership restrictions and got slavery to be allowed in the colony
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