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history notes part 1

A system of government in which voters elect representatives to make laws for them is... Representative government
A nation in which voters choose representatives to govern them... Republic
The first representative assembly in the new world... House of burgesses
The legislative, executive, and judicial aka.... Three branches of government
(Signed in 1215, by king john 1 of England) first document that limited power of the ruler, gave power of trial by jury... Magna carta
Protects the rights of English citizens and became the foundation(basis) for the american bill of rights... English bill of rights
The agreement signed in 1620 by the pilgrims in plymouth... Mayflower compact
The first permanent English settlement , founded in 1607... Jamestown
What colony was settled in the year 1621... Plymouth
Who set sail the ocean blue in 1492 Columbus
A fast ship used in exploration... Caravel
A navigational instrument used to plot the stars... Astrolabe
An economic theory that a country's strength is measured by the amount of gold it has is... Mercantilism
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