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US His 3

Captain's of Industry Industrialists who were known to build America's economy
Populist Party Favored lower transportation costs and "Free Silver" to improve conditions for farmers
Sharecropping Farmers farming anothers land in return for a share of the crop
Angel Island Immigration station in San Francisco, California for immigrants from Asia
American Federation of Labor-AFL Orginized skilled workers in a special trade and made specific demands rather than seeking broad change for improved wages and working hours
Tenement Crowded, run down building divided into apartments that housed several families
John D. Rockefeller Standard Oil company leader
Dawes Act Divided Indian reservations into privately owned plots of land,encouraged Native Americans to be absorbed into American society
William Jennings Bryan Presidential candidate for Populist party who delivered the "Cross Of Gold" speech
Open range Vast area of grassland on which livestock roamed and grazed
Assimilate To be absorbed into the main culture of a society
Thomas Edison Inventor of the light bulb, phonograph and many others
Guilded Age Period of prosperity which covered underlying problems
Ellis Island Immigration station in New York Harbor for millions of immigrants, especially from Europe
Suburb Residential area surrounding a city
Pendleton Act Created a civil service system for the U.S.government
Jim Crow Laws passed in Southern states separating blacks and whites
Graft Bribery and corruption
Robber Barons Wealty industrialists known for exploiting workers and the public
Knights of Labor Sought to organize all workers, men and women, to improve working conditions
Trust Companies assign their stocks to a board of trustees, trustees run the companies
Anarchists Political radicals opposed to any form of government
What helped the industrial expansion of the United States? Physical Geography, immigrants filling jobs, govern. encouraging business growth, nations favorable view of entrepeneurs
To form cartels and trust what often happened to small businesses? They were bought out by larger firms
Sherman Anti-trust Act Outlawed monopolies
Goals of the American Federation of Labor Improve wages, working hours, and working conditions
Cartels Loose association of businesses that make the same product
Social Darwinism Belief that life consists of a struggle in which only the fittest survive
Monopoly A single corporation controls an entire industry
Andrew Carnegie Head of the steel industry, sold it an became the wealthiest man in America
Gospel of Wealth Carnegie's doctrine calling all the wealthy to share their riches for the betterment of society
Gold standard Hard monetary policy
Which union wanted to create a system in which workers would own the factories they worked in? Knights of Labor
Push factor-pushed immigrants from their home countries to America Religious persecution and military service
Why were people from rural areas attracted to the cities? For a more cosmopolitan lifestyle and jobs
What cultural changes took place as higher education expanded? More peole could earn a high school diploma
What did railroads bring western farmers? Farm machinery and home amenities
Who did the federal courts side with when disputes arose over former Mexican land in the Southwest? Whites
Lead the fight for womens rights Susan B. Anthony
Farmers' Alliance formed this political party to improve conditions for farmers Populist
Union with slogan,"Eight hours of work, eight hours of sleep, eight hours to do what we will" Knights of Labor
Amusement parks One example of new urban middle class entertainments
Henry Grady's vision for the New South A mixed economy, including manufacturing
Over time, what issue caused tension between the railroad and farmers and ranchers? High freight costs
Well known authors Edith Wharton, Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, Henry James
What would cause an immigrant to be sent back to their homeland? Disease
When immigrants settled in the cities, what did most experience? Life in crowded tenements
Demand for white collar works led to the formation of... A middle class of people
A result of the growth of the middle class The expansion of higher education
New South Title gived to the South after Reconstruction by newspaper editor Henry Grady
Battle where the Sioux defeated General Custer Little Big Horn
The discovery of this attracted prospectors to the West Gold
This form of transportation helped ranchers get their products to market. Railroad
Abeline, Dodge City, and Tombstone End of the trail for the long drive where cattle were loaded on to trains to be taken back east
Plessy v. Ferguson Established doctrine of separate but equal
Wanted higher protective tariffs Republicans
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