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AW 8th Exploration

Mr. Stickler's AW European Exploration Unit flash cards

Who were "conquistadors"? Spanish & Portuguese explorers/ soldiers who set out to explore and conquer new lands in the name of their empires.
Why didn't the Treaty of Tordesillas achieve its goal? It didn't achieve it's goal because the system for measuring longitude were too inaccurate, which meant each country could interpret created boundary lines differently.
What was the purpose of signing the Treaty of Tordesillas? This was signed to create two separate exploration zones - one for Spain and another for Portugal. This was done to settle arguments between the two countries.
Which explorer was the first to go around the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa)? Bartolomeu Dias was the first to do this.
Which explorer hired a sea captain with knowledge of the Indian Ocean and was the first European to sail directly to India? Vasco da Gama was the first European to do this.
What does the word "circumnavigate" mean? This word means "sail all the way around something (especially the world".
What was the connection between wealthy Italians who lived in city - states and exploration? This group of people became wealthy by trading and selling goods, not owning land (like wealthy people of the Middle Ages). They wanted to find new places to sell goods and new raw material to make more goods.
Why was the term "Renaissance" used to describe the era that started between 1200 - 1300 C.E. in five Italian city - states? This era was named this because scholars, writers, sculptors, and artists wanted to revitalize their city - states and return them to the state they were in during the Roman Empire period.
Created by: sticklerpjpII