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Prefixes & Suffixes

common prefixes and suffixes

acu- sharp, abrupt, sudden
a-, ad- towards
a-, an- without
ab- from, away from
allo- other, another
ana- up to, back, again, aprat
ante- before, forwards
anti- against, opposite
auto- self
bi- twice, double
brady- slow
cata- down
circum- around
con- together
contra- against
cuti- skin
de- from, away from, down from
deci- ten
di-, dis- two
dia- through, complete
dipl-, diplo- dpouble
dis- separation
dur- hard, firm
dys- bad, abnormal
e-, ec-, ecto0 out, from out of
en-, endo- into
epi- on, up, against, high
-ac pertaining to
-al pertaining to
-algesia pain
-algia pain
-ar pertaining to
-ase enzyme (makes a noun)
-ate (makes a verb)
-cele herniation, prolapsed
-cide killer
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
-coccus berry
-clasis break
-cyte cell
-desis binding, fixation
-dipsia thirst
-dynia pain
-ectomy removal of, cut out
-emesis vomiting
-emia condition of the blood
-genic producing
-gram a record
-graph a device which records
-graphy the process of recording
-iasis abnormal condition
-iatry treatment
-ism condition, state
-ist specialist
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