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Esposito Native Amer

Native American Quiz

Natural Resources used from environments for food, clothing, and shelter
Culture a people's way of life, including beliefs, customs, food, dwellings, and clothing
Cultural Regions groups in the same environments adapted similar life styles and languages; an area in which a group of people share similar culture and language
Native Americans have these beliefs in common: Nature has a spirit, no one can own private property, use only what is needed
Siberia present-day Alaska
Beringia land bridge the first Americans crossed over while following animal migrations
Migrants first Americans
Migrate to move from one place and establish a home in a new place; a migration is a move of a large number of people; the people who move are migrants; animals tend to migrate with the seasons
Environment all of the physical surroundings in a place, including land, water, animals, plants,
Mesas flat areas of land used for planting corn, beans, squash, and other vegetation
Pueblo small village; usually about 1,000 people
Seed beaters flat baskets used to knock seeds loose from the plants
Iglus, Igloos temporary shelter made of blocks of snow
Southwest mesas, cotton clothes, apartment-like houses, irrigation, clay ovens, peppers
Great Plains grasslands, buffalo hunters, V shaped traps, glue, tipis, geather arrows, horses
Southeast swamps, mounds, towns, blow guns, tree woven huts, deer skin skirts, jewelry
Eastern Woodlands Algonguain, Iroquois, canoes, moccasins, maple syrup, long houses
Northwest Coast hunted deer, harpooned seals, carved masks, bark capes, bark roof shingles
California made acorn meal, grass aprons, antler tools, redwood bark and reed cone huts
Great Basin desert nomads, rabbit robes, duck decoys, seed beaters, willow looms
Plateau flat grasslands, underground huts, woven hats, deer skin dresses and leggings
Native Americans believed all things in nature had ... souls
Siberia where the first Americans migrated from to get to NOrth and South America
Created by: pjespo