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Chronology 1867-1902

Politics and Foreign Relations

1867 French troops leave Mexico United States purchases Alaska
1868 Ulysses S. Grant elected president
1869 National Women Suffrage Association And American Women Suffrage Association formed Wyoming Territory adopts woman suffrage
1872 Credit Mobilier scandal Grant reelected
1872-1874 Granger laws
1873-1879 Depression
1877 Rutherford B. Hayes becomes president
1878 Greenback Party peaks
1880 James A. Garfield elected president
1881 Garfield assassinated Chester A. Arthur becomes president
1883 Pendleton Act
1884 Grover Cleveland elected president
1887 Interstate Commerce Act
1888 Benjamin Harrison elected president
1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Act Sherman Sliver Purchase Act McKinley tariff Significant increase in naval appropriation Lodge federal elections bill defeated Populist movement begins
1892 Cleveland elected president again
1893 Hoale planters and businessmen proclaim Hawaiian republic
1893-1897 Depression
1895-1896 Venezuelan boundary crisis
1896 William Jennings Bryan's "Cross ofGold" speech William McKinley elected president
1898 War with Spain United States annexes Hawai'i
1899 Treaty of Paris ratified Open Door notes
1899-1902 Philippine insurrection
1900 McKinley reelected
1902 Civil government in the Philippines Cuba becomes a protectorate
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