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Explor. Vocabulary

This is for Mrs. Hall

What is the definition of Agricultural Revolution? change from a hunter/gather society to a farming society.
What is the definition of Astrolabe? used to help navigate by position of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars.
What is the definition of Aztecs? These natives were the ones who ruled early America by force until defeated by Cortes.
What is the definition of Caravel? a ship that had the lateen sail. It was used for exploration due to the fact that it got great speed & capacity for sailing windward.
What is the definition of Columbian Exchange? This was a major exchange between the New World & the Old World of animals, plants/crops, and people.
What is the definition of Crusades? These were called "Holy Wars' due to the fact that Christians and Muslims were fighting over land thought to be sacred.
Who was Henry the Navigator? He opened a school for navigation, hired mapmakers, sailors, etc. to teach them.
Who were the Incas? The Incas had the largest empire in South America. They built large elaborate structures without mortar that are still standing today.
What is the definition of Lateen Sail? triangular sail that allowed the wind to blow the boat on either side of the sail. This meant faster & more navigation.
What was the Renaissance? It was when art, culture, & literature caused ideas to spread; people had more curiosity about the world.
What was Reformation? It was when Martin Luther decided the Catholic church shouldn't indulge in bad things for money, money should be given to the poor, and the priests were uneducated--started Lutheran Church.
What was the Line of Demarcation? It is basically boundaries that were thought to be a certain people's land versus another. Especially, between Spain and Portugal over the New World.
Who are Mestizos? These people were mixes between Europeans and American Indians.
What were Nomads? The Nomads were groups of people who traveled from different areas in search of food, water, and grazing land.
Who were the Conquistadors? It was mainly people from Spain who conquered land for their pleasures and did WHAT EVER it took to get that land.
What is the significance of Agricultural revolution? It meant that there was enough food for people in the cities and life wasn't lived off of chance.
What is the significance of an Astrolabe? This instrument allowed explorers to travel/navigate more efficiently.
What is the significance of the Aztecs? The Aztecs' influence caused Cortes to want to use force. This meant lots of Spaniards would sail to America.
What is the significance of a Caravel? The ship allowed explorers to maneuver/travel at quicker rates, which meant less times the supplies ran out.
What was the significance of the Columbian Exchange? It allowed Europe to discover new things; it also let them make a profit by buying and then selling goods for more money.
What is the significance of the Crusades? It brought new goods from Asia to Europe like silk and spices.
What is the significance of Henry the Navigator? He gave people the opportunity to be educated about navigating which in turn increased the navigation/exploration rates.
What is the significance of the Incas? They showed Europeans efficient ways of living such as using canals & ditches to farm.
What was the significance of the Lateen Sail? The sail allowed explorers to be able to reach destinations quicker which meant more exploring could be done.
What was the significance of the Renaissance? It left a lasting impact on people to want/see more of the world which led to more exploration.
What was the significance of the Reformation? it led to 498 protestant religions to be formed after Luther's examples.
What was the significance of the Line of Demarcation? It caused a big disagreement of territory between Spain and Portugal.
What was the significance of the Mestizos? It allowed some of the Mestizos a chance to mingle in society with the Spaniards. Also, it meant that the Spanish could live amongst the Indians and be able to grow in population.
What was the significance of the Nomads? Nomads brought new cultures and artifacts to different areas around the world.
What was the significance of the Conquistadors? It showed how ruthless some of the Spaniards were to the Indians which teaches society a great lesson today.
Created by: 7jsellers