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Chronology 1862-1896

U.S. History 1302

1862 Land-Grant college Act
1865 Civil War ends
1866 National Labor Union organized
1870 Populations in 25 cities exceed 50,000
1871-1885 Anti-Chinese riots across the West
1871 Great Chicago Fire
1872 Montgomery Ward opens first U.S. mail-order business
1873-1879 Depression
1874 Women's Christian temperance Union founded
1877 Great Railway Strike
1881 669,431 immigrants enter United States Publication of Helen Hunt Jackson's A Century of Dishonor
1886 Knights of Labor reaches peak membership Haymarket Square bombing American Federation of Labor founded
1887 American Protective Association founded Dawes Severalty Act
1888 First electric streetcar system
1890 Populations in 58 cities exceed 50,000 Second Mississippi Plan
1892 Homestead strike
1893-1897 Depression
1894 Pullman strike
1895 Booker T. Washington delivers Atlanta Compromise
1896 Plessy v. Ferguson
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