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Chronology 1850-1902


1850's Development of Bessemer and Kelly steel-making process
1861 Protective tarrif
1862 Land-Grant College Act, Homestead Act, Pacific Railroad Act
1865 Civil War ends
1866-1880 Cattle drives north from Texas
1867-1868 Treaties establish major western reservations
1869 First transcontinental railroad completed
1870 Standard oil incorperated
1870's-1880's Extension of farming to great plains
1872 Montgomery Ward opens first U.S. mail-order business
1873-1879 Depression
1874 American Indian resistance ends on southern plains
1875 Andrew Carnegie open's nations largest steel plant
1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone, Indian victory in Battle of Little Big Horn
1879 Invention of the incandescent light bulb
1880's Railroad expansion and consolidation, Standard Oil Trust organized
1882-1885 Recession
1883 Northern Pacific Railroad completed to Portland
1887 American Sugar Refining Company formed
1902 Reclamation Act
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