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Nauman-Roaring 20s

review for test for American History Roaring 20s

time of change Roaring 20s
young women who were rebelling from traditional style flappers
our fear of communists was called Red Scare
term for the period of no alcohol prohibition
How long did the period of no alcohol last? 13 years
term for illegal bars speakeasies
main goal of KKK white supremacy
great baseball player of the 20s George Ruth
great racehorse Man of War
considered America's outstanding musical achievement Jazz
he made first transatlantic flight Charles Lindbergh
played football for the University of Illinois Red Grange
first woman to swim the English Channel Gertrude Ederle
famous silent screen star Charlie Chaplin
Sacco and Vanzetti were called this anarchists
many workers did this during the 20s went on strike
king of the auto industry Henry Ford
another name for the Model T Tin Lizzie
key to the auto industry assembly line
first weekly magazine Time
Chicago's famous gangster Al Capone
where the first successful flight was made by the Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
gave companies the right to fire any workers who joined a union Yellow Dog Contracts
what the 19th Amendment dealt with voting
when a customer made a small cash payment and then paid the rest with interest in regular payments installment plan
founded the second KKK Fundamental Roman Catholics
How many illegal bars did Al Capone operate during the 20s? 10,000
what does "cats meow" mean? it is a good thing
this woman was a part of the Harlem Renaissance era Bessie Smith
Created by: hwzone