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history unit one cos

implicate to be involved in or connected with
pluralistic a society when many religious, cultural and racial groups co exist
assimilate to take in and incorporate as ones own
historian an authority on history
archeologist scientist who studies ancient cultures with the clues they left behind
anthropologist sci.ist who stud.s the origins, characteristics of man kind
decimate- destroy;kill
joint stock company a company that is equally invested by multiple investors
authority power or right to rule
joint stock company a company that is equally invested by multiple investors
indentured servent a servent who worked 4 7 years to pay a debt
tolerant a t of 1649 a law restricting the right of Christians to practice rel. cer.
royal colony a colony controlled by a king
propriety colony a col. controlled by investors
starving time 1609 a time in Jamestown were 60% of the colonist die of starv.tion
charter an official doc. giving the right to est. a col.
Created by: cosmo.foti