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Chapter 15-History

"I was a diplomat and historian of Florence who believed that power counts more than ideals. I wrote a famous essay called The Prince" Niccolo Machiavelli
"I applied my knowledge of mathematics and science to my paintings. The Mona Lisa is one of my most famous works" Leonardo de Vinci
"I followed after Martin Luther's teachings but emphasized the idea of predestination" John Calvin
"I wrote plays that were masterpieces of poetic drama and created such characters as Macbeth and Hamlet." William Shakespeare
"My belief that salvation was possible through faith alone led me to challenge church practices, particularly the sale of indulgences, I later broke with the church completely" Martin Luther
"I founded a highly disciplined religious order, the Jesuits, which played a major role in the Catholic Revival" Ignatius de Loyola
"I wrote a book titled Utopia, in which I compared the English government and society to an imaginary, ideal society" Thomas More
"In 1450, I created a new printing process so I could print copies of the Bible" Johannes Gutenburg
art technique that involves making distant objects smaller than those in the foreground and arranging them to create the illusions of depth on a flat canvas perspective
belief that at the beginning of time God decided who would be saved predestination
measure of the quality of life standard of living
books that predict the weather and the prospects for growing crops, and also contain such things as calendars, maps, and medical advice almanacs
a treaty that allowed people to chose what religion they wanted to be the peace of augsburg
single printed news sheets sold to the public broadsides
catholic religious order founded by Ignatius de Loyola in 1534 Jesuits
government ruled by religious leaders claiming God's authority Theocracy
attempt by the Catholic Church, following the reformation, to return the church to an emphasis on spiritual matters Counter-Reformation
more knowledge than the world around them and had "special powers" wise people
after the diet of worms Martin Luther went into hiding for a year
founder of a Catholic like military order Ignatius de Loyola
who sculpted David Michealangelo
who wrote the book of the Courier Castiglione
Catholic priest who began the selling of indulgences Tetzel
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