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CVMS Exploration

Exploration review

What made slave trade important to the West African economy? Slaves could be traded for valuable goods.
How did the Crusades change Europe? Led to increased trade to Asia.
What did not help advance exploration? Roman law and government
Columbus found this area. Caribbean
What was not a result of Columbus' voyage? Portugal found a new sea route.
What did Columbus' voyages lead to? an exchange of people, plants, animals
What was not a reason for bringing slaves to the Americas? Africans were needed to fight Europeans.
The transfer of plants, animals, and diseases between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres Columbian Exchange
Deadly effects of Columbian Exchange infected Native Americans with new and deadly diseases
Spanish goal in the New World glory, gold, God
Immediate result of Age of Exploration European influence spread to Western Hemisphere
To survive, native peoples did this. adapt to their environment
France's important economic activity Fur trading
Areas of the United States that Spain established an empire Florida, Texas, New Mexico, California
Major event that caused Spain to lose control over their colonies defeat of Spanish Armada
All water route to Asia via North America Northwest Passage
Enslaved Africans were transported to America on this Middle Passage
Slavery is owning people as this Property
This happened to the Dutch land English took it and renamed it New York
Created by: mendy.rue