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French 2 L06

la peche fishing
la chasse hunting
l'equitation equestrian
la philatelie stamp collecting
le patinage ice skating
la course a pied running
le ski de fond cross country skiing
le planche a voile wind surfing
l'escrine fencing
le patin a roulettes roller skating
la couture sewing
le jardinage gardening
les boules bowls
la natation swimming
les echecs chess
la poterie pottery
la voile sailing
le ping-pong, le tennis de table table tennis/ping pong
le ski alpin alpine skiing
l'alpinisme mountaineering
la photographie photography
le cyclisme cycling
l'athletisme athletics
la peinture painting
la tele realite reality tv
une chaine de television tv channel
jaime ta robe I like your dress
gouts likes/ tastes
gagner win
meilleur hote best host
etapes stops/ steps
d'enregistrer record
vivre live
loin far
vacances holiday
practice practice
faire la queue lining/ queuing up
la pluie rain
se reveller tot getting up early
un reveil alarm clock
journees days
ete summer
hiver winter
randonnee bike/ ride/ walk (to...)?
montagne mountain
regulierement regularly
la mer the sea
bureau office/ desk
campagne countryside
longues long
genial super/ brilliant
je sors beaucoup I go out a lot
actuelle present (ly)
sportif sports
de l'escalade climbing
parapente para sailing
surf surfing
metier job/ occupation
plaisir pleasure
seul alone
peu parce just because
peu little/ not much
parce because
je lis beaucoup I read a lot
Created by: frenchie01