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English: Frank/Blade

Frankenstein & Bladerunner: Hubris + Nature

ExplanationTechnique + Evidence
Through the lens of Victor's ______, Shelley _____ Victor as ambitious and egocentric, with the arrogant_______ and _______ emphasising his hubristic flaw. Narrative Perspective, Characterisation, Arrogant Overtones + Self-Aggrandizing Diction, "a new species would bess me as its creator".
By using the _____, Shelley reveals how the "_______" of science has imbued Frankenstein with the intrusive assumption as creator who expects to earn the gratitude of humanity. Promethean Allusion, "dangerous knowledge".
The monster, as illustrated through the ______, "______", ______ the fearful result of blasphemous hubris, and acts ultimately as a ______ for a possible future, issuing a warning that man's attempts at creation cannot ever be as pure. Gothic imagery,"shriveled complexion and straight black lips", symbolises, metaphor.
After Victor's realisation that his Faustian, myoptic longing to "______" has defied the laws of nature, Shelley uses _____ and ______, "_______" to highlight Victor's emotional distress, "_____". "pentrate the secrets of nature", personification, negative connotations, "the cup of life was poisoned forever".
The _____ of the gigantic, golden pyramid structure of Tyrell Co, with the dark _____ of L.A, Scott creates the sense that Tyrell has the ability to rival God's powers. Juxtaposition, mis-en-scene.
Tyrell's hubris is reinforced by the ____ that decorate his bedchamber, the ____ he wears; and the _______ that illuminate his chambers. Ecclesiastical tapings, papal gown, devotional candles.
Tyrell's __________, "______" emphasises Tyrell's attempts to distance himself from his "______" and reveals his failure in respecting the responsibilities he owes as creator. Repetition, third person, "What can he do for you?", "prodigal son".
A ____ and the grusome _____ reveals how the inventions ofhumanity, designed in a hubristic attempt to transcend the limitations of natural order, have ______ resulted in the destruction of humanity. Close up low angle, diegetic sounds, ironically.
Shelley's use of vivid ______, "______", is used to indicate Nature's divine grandeur. Imagery, "unstained snowy mountain-top, glittering pinnacle".
The exalted vision of Mother Nature is ______ with the horrendous spectacle of a mand-made monster, "______", thus reinforcing her Romantic oreintation; that nature is far more beautiful and pure than anything man could muster. Contrasted, "his...unearthly ugliness rendered it almost too horrible for human eyes".
As Frankenstein becomes "______" when his desire to "_____", Shelley's use of ___ highlights how that wihtout Nature's restorative powers, Victor races dangerously down a path of unintentional self destruction. "insensible to the charms of nature", "pinoeer a new way", simile, "I one doomed by slavery".
Concern of environmental degradation is evident in Scott's use of an _____ that depicsts a depressingly bleak, dystopic world that is in disequilibrium with harmony. Ariel shot.
When humanity is _____ on a microhuman scale through the brash and indifferenct _____ of Bryant, "______", Scott illustrates the inhumanity of humanity. Represented, characterisation, "skin jobs".
As Scott ____ the detective to the benevolence that is expressed by Roy through his _______, "____", the director reveals humanity's lack of compassion, and ultimately emphasises how society has become dehumanised through the absence of nature. Juxtaposes, stylisted poetic language, "like tears in rain."
Created by: Maple
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