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Georgia Studies Unit test for G1 of CCGPS

What is a good example of Georgia's relative location? Georgia is located North of Florida
What five states border Georgia? North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida
What hemisphere does the PRIME MERIDIAN place Georgia? Western hemisphere
What hemisphere does the EQUATOR place Georgia? Northern hemisphere
On which continent is Georgia located? North America
The Appalachian mountains are important because... they are the first barrier to warm moist air rising from the Gulf of Mexico.
Smallest geographic region in Georgia Appalachian Plateau
Atlanta is located... in the Piedmont region
The largest geographic region in Georgia Coastal Plains
National wildlife refuge in the Coastal Plains region Okefenokee Swamp
Blue Ridge Region contains the highest peak in Georgia, Brasstown Bald
The Barrier islands... protect Georgia coastline from eroding
Coastal Plain region is separated from the Piedmont region by the Fall Line
Longest river in Georgia Chattahoochee River
The Savannah river forms Georgia's border with South Carolina
What type of ground does most Northern Georgia have? Granite ground (which does not allow precipitation to sink in)
How does Georgia's year round climate impact state development? Good for variety of businesses and tourist destinations
Wind currents helped early explorers by... bringing them too Georgia via ship
Georgia's climate includes mild winters and hot, humid summers
Name some ways that climate can affect Georgia's econocomy promotes tourism, helps farmers produce profitable crops, has enough variety to please most people
32.9605° N, 83.1132° W is an example of Georgia's absolute location, GPS location, and the latitude/longitude of Georgia
Geogia's fall line is a good source of... hydroelectric power
Piedmont region heavily populated, red clay soil, rolling farmland
Coastal Plain flat land, fertile soil, agriculture, largest region
Created by: nrchastain