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AP History 2,3

new governor of england Lord De La Warr
brings peace between settlers and Indians: marries Rolfe Pocahontas
prophet who teaches Iroquiois to be be better Handsome Lake
marries Pocahontas and provides peace and use of tobacco John Rolfe
founded Maryland in 1634; second plantation colony Lord Baltimore
Gilbert's half brother, 1585 expedition landed on NC Roanoke Island Walter Raleigh
soldier; prison reform; repelled Spanish attacks James Oglethorpe
lost his life at sea in 1583 Humphrey Gilbert
Puritan soldier who ruled England for nearly a decade Oliver Cromwell
adventurer who leads and saves Jamestown John Smith
returned to England and found Methodist Church John Wesley
traveled around the planet; returned in 1580 with his ship and Spanish booty Francis Drake
leader of the Quakers; promised better relations between whites and Indians William Penn
broke with Roman Catholic Church in the 1530s Henry VIII
took throne in 1558; Protestantism became dominant in England Elizabeth I
used imperial gains to amass an Invincible Armada of ships to invade England Philip II
made Jamestown Virginia a settlement in the New World James I
dismissed Parliament in 1629, recalled it in 1640 and was beheaded by Cromwell Charles I
son of decapitated king who took throne in 1660 Charles II
founded the Iroquois Confederacy in 1500s Deganawidah and Hiawatha
investment of money joint stock company
Representative self govt in Virginia and slavery in 1619 House of Burgesses
defined slaves legal status and masters prerogatives slave codes
newcomers; without legal right to soil squatter
penniless persons who bound themselves to work for a number of years to pay their passage indentured servitude
adventurers sea dogs
Catholics of Maryland supported this in 1649 Act of Toleration
Tuscarora's- 6th Nation Iroquois Confederacy
launched after Henry VIII broke with Roman Catholic Church Protestant Reformation
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