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GlobalS CP RHS 4/15

RHS Global Studies Mr. Eoute's Test 4/15/08

Islam "submission to the will of Alla"
Muslim "one who has submittted
Hijrah Muhammad's migration from Mecca
Hajj a pilgrimage to Mecca
Qur'an the holy book of Islam
Shar'ia body of law governing Muslims
Caliph succeso to Muhammad
Jihad armed stuggle against unbelivers
House of Worship a library, academy, translation center of learning in Baghdad
Sultan "overlord" or "one with power"
Ghazis a warrior for Islam
Janissaries members of an elit force of soldiers
Decshirme in Ottoman Empire, policy that took boys from conquered Christian peoples
Muhammad prophet whose teachings lead to Islam
Abu-Bakr 1st succesor to Muhammad
Umayyads leading muslim family after Ali's death, moved capital to Damascus
Abbasids rebel froup who overthre Umayyads and took control
Shi'a party of Ali, believe rulers should be descended from Muhammad
Sunni followers of Muhammad's example
Fatimid caliphate fromed by descendants of muhammads daughter Fatima
Al-Razi greatest muslim physician, believed in cleaner air
Al-Khwarizmi father of Algebra
Osman founder of Ottoman Empire
Timur the lame halted the spread of Ottoman Empire in 1400s
Medmed II defeated constaninople,, changing the name to Istanbbul
Suleyman Ottoman empire reached its peak during his reign
Sinan one of wordl's finest architects at that time
What were important characteristics to arab nomads that became a part of the islamic culture? courgae and loyalty to family, warriour skills
what two things brought cultures together in the middle east trade and religion
what was the major belief taught by muhammad ther is no god but alla
why did muhammad and his floowers ove from mecca persecution
5 pillars of islam faith, prayer, pilgrimage, fasting, alms
what are the sources of authority for muslims muhammad, qur'an, sha'ria, allah
what is common link btwn islam, judaism, and christianity monotheistic
who do muslims refer to as the "protected people? jews, christians
how did muslims treat conquered ppls kiindly with toleration for beliefs
what was the ottoman's military success due to gunpoweder
what lead to the internal struggles w/in the muslim empire assination of ali, struggle for power
what was the role of women submit to men, property, economic rights
what caused the decline of the ottoman empire long line of weak rulers due to suleman's practices
how did the ottomans es. an effective gov. and social organization gov. law code, simplified taxation and reduced size of gov. social-social structure worked b/c of ottomans toleration of others
Essay-fully describe the muslim culture as it realtes to the five characteristics of a civ. include info about social classes, arts, sciences, philosophy, religion, and treatment of conquered ppls on paper
Created by: kvn1028