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AW SS Unit1 Test

Mr. Stickler's Social Studies Unit1 - Geography test

The name of the longitude line that runs north to south around the Earth and passes through Greenwich, England. Prime Meridian
The name of the latitude line that runs east to west around the Earth and is written as "zero degrees latitude". Equator
What is the term for the long - term pattern of weather over an area? Climate
A type of map projection that is more accurate at the poles and is less accurate at the equator. Conic projection
A type of map projection that is more accurate at the equator and is less accurate at the poles. Cylindrical projection
A type of map projection whose main objective is to show Earth's continents as accurately as possible. Interrupted projection
A type of map that shows the location and boundary lines of cities, counties, states, and countries. Political map
A type of map that shows characteristics of the Earth's surface such as the location of lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, continents, and land elevation. Physical map
Another name for the directions north, south, east, and west on a compass. Cardinal directions
A type of map used to show historical events such as locations of Civil War battles that took place in Georgia or the movement of people from the 13 Colonies to areas west of the Appalachian Mountains. Cultural maps
A word that means "way of life". Culture
Why does the Prime Meridian go through Greenwich, England? It goes through Greenwich, England because the various countries decided to cooperate and use a standard Prime Meridian instead of a Prime Meridian passing through their own capital for international trade improvements.
The name for maps that shows more territory but has less detail (such as maps of states or nations). Small scale maps
The name for maps that shows a small area in great detail. Large scale maps
How many GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites does the United States have orbiting around the Earth in total? 31. (But only 24 plus 3 to 4 reserve satellites are operating at any one time).
How does the GPS (Global Positioning System) work? A network of satellites orbits the Earth and transmits position and time information to other satellites. A satellites must receive this information from 3 other satellites to know its own position accurately.
What is the name of the United States climate zone in the area where Pilgrims first landed (Plymouth, Massachusetts)? Humid continental
What type of map would a historian need if they were studying battles that took place in an area? They'd need physical maps to help them understand elevation and other characteristics of the battleground and political maps to help them understand the boundaries of cities or villages during the time of the battle compared to today.
What is the "relative location" of a place? It is the location as it relates to buildings, other structures, or political areas (such as cities or counties) around it.
What is the "absolute location" of a place? It is the exact location of a place on Earth. It is given by using its latitude and longitude.
What must a map have in order to be useful? All maps should have a compass, a key, and a scale that shows how many miles/ kilometers are represented by an inch.
Created by: sticklerpjpII