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The Marble Champ

Test Marble Champ

some one who writes short pieces about a particular subject Essayist
thing that have an effect on people or things Influences
made up of many cultures (people from different countries, races, or religions) Multicultural
way of seeing something Perpective
light and easy to carry Portable
something that give you a good idea Inspiration
great surprise Amazement
something that is good or helps you Blessing
something that you must to Responsibility
very important Crucial
motivation suspense Character
White, like milk Milky
person who has won competition Champion
public performance of music or dance Recital
extremely sharp Razor-sharp
shower anger Fumed
searched for something by moving thing around Rummaged
correct or exact Accurate
hard stone with bands of different colors Agate
fascinating Hynotic
unwillingly; slowly Reluctantly
put up temporarily Rigged
trembling Quivering
natural ability Instinct
small broker pieces Slivers
sudden noisy activity Commotion
given Assigned
person who tries to defeat someone else in a game Opponent
Created by: yzambrano