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4th Grade History

4th Grade History Ch. 1 & 2

allegiance devotion or loyalty
documents another name for writings
liberty freedom
American freedoms freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion
history the story of what has happened in the life of a country or people
continent a large mass of land
ocean the largest bodies of water
France made friends with the Indians and traded furs
Spain financed Columbus's journey
geographers people who study the earth
Christopher Columbus sailor from Italy who discovered America in 1492
geography the study of the earth's surface
Marco Polo Italian merchant who visited China and described its riches
Khan the ruler of China
Ferdinand and Isabella king and queen of Spain who financed Columbus's voyages
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria the three ships used on Columbus's first voyage
San Salvador island where Columbus first landed
India the part of Asia Columbus was trying to reach
Vikings sea-going Scandinavian people
Scandinavia a part of northern Europe; where the Vikings came from
Iceland a small island between Europe and Asia
Greenland the largest island in the world
Leif Ericson Viking from Europe to visit America first; called the new land Vinland
Vinland Vikings' name for America (Canada)
John Cabot explorer that claimed North America for England in 1497
Amerigo Vespucci explorer who called America a New World first
Old World name for Europe after the discovery of America
New World name given to America
Vasco de Gama explorer from Portugal; the first to sail around the tip of Africa
Vasco de Balboa explorer from Spain who claimed the Pacific Ocean for Spain; called it the Great Sea
Juan Ponce de Leon wanted to find the fountain of youth; explored Florida' first European to reach the US
peninsula land surrounded by water on three sides
Aztecs great Mexican Indian tribe
Montezuma leader of the Aztecs
Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztecs
Jacques Cartier searched for a waterway through America to Asia
the largest ocean Pacific Ocean
Seven Cities of Cibola fabled cities full of gold; Coronado searched for them but never found them
Francisco de Coronado searched for the Seven Cities of Cibola' greedy; discovered the Grand Canyon
Hernando de Soto while searching for gold he discovered the Mississippi River
Mississippi River discovered by De Soto
Queen Elizabeth I permitted English pirates to attack Spanish ships
Sir Francis Drake the most famous sea dog "Drake the Dragon"
sea dogs English pirates; Drake the Dragon
St. Augustine first permanent European settlement; founded by Ponce de Leon
Samuel de Champlain helped to found the first successful French settlement in America "Quebec"
New France first name for Canada
Quebec first successful French settlement in America; founded by Champlain
pledge a promise to do something
Atlantic Ocean the most heavily travelled ocean; separates Europe and North America
Australia smallest continent; continent with only one country
Asia largest continent
Africa second largest continent
Arctic Ocean smallest ocean; coldest ocean
Indian Ocean warmest ocean
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