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verbs de preposition

verbs with the preposition de before an infinitive

to accept/ to agree to accepter de
the accuse (of) accuser de
to stop s'arrêter de
to need to avoir besoin de
to feel like/ to want avoir envie de
to intend to avoir l'intention de
to be afraid of avoir peur de
to stop/ to cease cesser de
to choose to choisir de
to advise (to) conseiller de
to content oneself with se contenter de
to convince (to) convaincre de
to fear (to) craindre de
to forbid (to) défender de
to ask (to) demander de
to hurry to se dépêcher de
to try hard to s'efforcer de
to prevent (from) empêcher de
to refrain from s'empêcher de
to contemplate envisager de
to try to essayer de
to avoid éviter de
to apologize for s'excuser de
to pretend to faire semblant de
to feign to/ to pretend to feindre de
to finish/ to end up finir de
to forbid (to) interdire de
to threaten to menacer de
to deserve to mériter de
to offer to offrir de
to forget to oublier de
to allow (to)/ to permit (to) permettre de
to persuade (to/ to convince (to) persuader de
to complain of se plaindre de
to plan to/ to plan on projeter de
to promise to promettre de
to refuse to refuser de
to regret regretter de
to thank (for) remercier de
to reproach for reprocher de
to suspect of soupconner de
to remember to se souvenir de
to try to tâcher de
Created by: davefathers