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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
vocab art vocabulary for art French 2013-08-17 davefathers 35 0 edit
vocab irreg fem/masc vocabulary of irregular masculin/fem words French 2013-08-17 davefathers 10 0 edit
grammar phrases idiomatic phrases using avoir French 2013-09-15 davefathers 14 1 edit
Verbs - er Present tense regular er verbs French 2016-05-13 davefathers 36 0 edit
Verbs - cer present tense verbs ending in cer French 2013-07-29 davefathers 21 0 edit
Verbs - ger present tense regular vocab ending in ger French 2013-07-29 davefathers 17 0 edit
Verbs e - er present tense verbs ending in e +constanant + er French 2013-07-29 davefathers 19 0 edit
Verbs - eler present vocab ending with eler French 2013-07-29 davefathers 7 0 edit
Verbs - ir present tense verbs regular ir French 2013-07-29 davefathers 25 0 edit
Verbs - re present regular vocab ending in re French 2013-07-29 davefathers 13 0 edit
Grammar vocab time time phrases French 2013-07-19 davefathers 21 0 edit
grammar vocab vocab of the different languages French 2013-07-19 davefathers 15 0 edit
grammar vocab adj vocab of some adjectives French 2013-07-19 davefathers 19 0 edit
Avoir PP irregular irregular past participles that take avoir French 2013-09-15 davefathers 31 1 edit
Etre PP past participles taking etre French 2013-07-29 davefathers 15 0 edit
grammar vocab travel vocab about travelling and methods French 2013-07-19 davefathers 17 0 edit
grammar vocab body vocab of body parts French 2013-07-19 davefathers 22 0 edit
Verbs SP The subjective pronominals French 2013-07-29 davefathers 9 0 edit
Verbs eindre+aindre verbs ending in eindre or aindre French 2013-07-29 davefathers 9 0 edit
grammar vocab hols vocab for the holiday French 2013-07-22 davefathers 23 0 edit
vocab imparafait words used in the imperfect as an indication French 2013-07-24 davefathers 12 0 edit
grammar vocab study vocab of study words French 2017-07-31 davefathers 22 1 edit
Verbs FS irreg verbs in the future tense which are irregular French 2013-07-29 davefathers 28 0 edit
vocab pharmacy vocab used for a pharmacy French 2013-07-29 davefathers 23 0 edit
conjunctions conjunctionc used in the indicative mood French 2013-07-26 davefathers 17 0 edit
Vocab animals vocab of animals French 2013-07-29 davefathers 48 0 edit
conjunctions conjunctions used in subjunctive and infinitive French 2013-08-03 davefathers 13 0 edit
vocab instruments vocab of different instruments French 2013-08-03 davefathers 27 0 edit
vocab computer vocab of words related to computers Unfinished 2013-08-03 davefathers 24 0 edit
subjunctive words expressions that are followed by the subjunctive French 2013-08-03 davefathers 22 0 edit
vocab cooking vocabulary used for cooking French 2013-08-03 davefathers 39 0 edit
verbs no preposition verbs which have no prepositions preceding an infinitive French 2013-08-03 davefathers 25 0 edit
verbs à prepositions verbs with the preposition à before the infinitive French 2013-08-03 davefathers 29 0 edit
verbs de preposition verbs with the preposition de before an infinitive French 2013-08-04 davefathers 43 0 edit
vocab sports vocabulary for sports French 2013-08-17 davefathers 38 0 edit
vocab police vocabulary for police and burglars Unfinished 2013-08-17 davefathers 35 0 edit
vocab politics vocabulary for politics French 2013-11-13 davefathers 32 1 edit
vocab for surnames vocabulary for surnames and marriage and name French 2013-08-17 davefathers 33 0 edit
Vocab planet vocabulary for stuff on the planet French 2013-08-17 davefathers 42 0 edit
vocab gender change vocabulary that change their meaning with their gender Unfinished 2013-08-17 davefathers 16 0 edit
vocab family vocabulary for the names of people in the family French 2013-08-18 davefathers 30 0 edit

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