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vocab cooking

vocabulary used for cooking

to add ajouter
to season assaisonner
to boil bouillir
to braise braiser
to grind/ to crush broyer
to caramelize caraméliser
to cut couper
to cook cuire
to shell/ to husk décortiquer
to scale (fish) écailler
to crush/ to squash écraser
to skim (soup) écumer
to slice thinly émincer
to spice épicer
to peel (vegetables) éplucher
to cook faire la cuisine
to brown faire revenir
to sauté faire sauter
to stuff farcir
to flambé flamber
to fry frire
to garnish garnir
to glaze glacer
to brown/to cook au gratin graniter
to grill/ to toast griller
to chop/ to mince hacher
to macerate/ to soak macérer
to marinate mariner
to put in the oven mettre au four
to simmer mijouter
to coat with bread crumbs paner
to knead pétrir
to crush piler
to poach poacher
to grate râper
to reduce (by boiling) réduire
to roast rôtir
to soak tremper
to pour verser
Created by: davefathers