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Advancement Exam

A1-F414A-MMI-210 Wp 012 & 020

The engine is rated at __ lbs thrust at the max power throttle setting without the afterburner, and ___lbs of thrust at the max afterburner throttle setting given standard day settings of 59°F, 0 percent humidity, sea level static conditions. 14,770 lbs / 21,890 lbs
The engine consists of how many individually replaceable modules. 6
(T/F) The modules are interchangeable from engine to engine. True
What are the six engine modules? (1) Fan (2) Compressor (3) Combustion (4) High-Pressure Turbine (5) Low-Pressure Turbine (6) Afterburner
What 5 components or Weapons Replaceable Assemblies (WRA)'s are mounted to, and driven by the accessory gearbox? (1) a combined main and AB fuel pump (engine fuel pump) (2) a combined variable exhaust nozzle (VEN) (3) start boost pump (nozzle actuator fuel pump) (4)a lube and scavenge oil pump (5) a permanent magnet alternator
Power extracted from what component is used to operate all engine gearbox mounted accessories, as well as one of the aircraft mounted auxiliary drive (AMAD)gearboxes? The engine's compressor rotor
The engine utilizes dual axial flow rotor systems,a ____ stage fan rotor driven by a _______ stage low-pressure turbine, and a _____ stage high-pressure compressor rotor driven by a ______ stage high-pressure turbine. 3 / single / 7 / single
On the fan rotor system, the IGV's can be angled how many degrees and stage one vanes can travel a total of 10 degrees. On the high-pressure compressor rotor system, the IGV's, stage 1, and stage 2 vanes can travel a total of how many degrees. 45 / 56
What system provides nearly constant thrust throughout the life of the engine, while maintaining full operational capability throughout the operating envelope? The power management system
The engine is controlled by what? a full authority digital electronic control (FADEC).
The FADEC consists of what type of system, which allows full thrust modulation including afterburner in each channel. All scheduling and governing are performed by the FADEC. A dual channel system
Internal engine inspection is accomplished by means of how many borescope ports located on the engine? 10
Since how many of the borescope ports are accessible with the engine installed in the aircraft, nearly all required borescope inspection can be accomplished with the engine installed? 9
The two engine rotors are supported by a total of ____ bearings. Two types of bearings are employed. They are: _____ bearings, which translate both axial (thrust) loads and radial loads, and ______ bearings, which translate radial loads. 6 / ball / roller
Bearing number ___ is a differential bearing. Its inner race rotates with and supports the high-pressure rotor system, while its outer race rotates with and supports the low-pressure rotor system. 4
All bearings are lubricated by a direct oil spray, with the exception of bearing number ___. This bearing is lubricated from oil jetted into the inner bore of the ____________________ rear shaft. 4 / low pressure turbine
Sump cavities can be sealed by either stationary covers bolted to the sump housing or by the use of _______________ in conjunction with uniquely configured rotating and static components, as is the case with carbon and labyrinth seals. Air pressure
There are three major structural frames on the engine, what are they? The front frame, midframe, and exhaust frame.
The inner hub of the front frame forms the __-sump. The inner hub of the midframe forms the ___-sump. The inner hub of the exhaust frame forms the ___-sump. A / B / C
In addition to being used for main and AB combustion, fuel is a working fluid used to accomplish ___________ and cooling tasks. Hydraulic
Fuel has many tasks, what are some of its major purposes? 1. Provides hyd force for VEN, FVG, and CVG act op 2. Provides hyd force for CDP anti-icing valve op 3. Provides engine oil cooling and FADEC cooling.
How many main fuel nozzles does the engine have? 18
How many AB spraybars does this engine have? 24
The nozzle actuator fuel pump contains two separate pumping mechanisms driven off axis-D of the accessory gearbox. What are the primary purposes of the first and second pumping mechanisms? First - is a centrifugal element that processes incoming fuel Second - is a variable displacement piston pump provides regulated fuel flow to the engine fuel control for engine starting and hydraulic power to operate the VEN actuators.
The nozzle actuator fuel pump contains the engine fuel filter. The ___ micron-nominal/ ___ micron-absolute filter is rated for a flow of ____ gpm. 10 / 35 / 180
Filter contamination is indicated by two indicators (yellow - impending, and red bypass) located on the pump. The yellow delta-p will pop when differential pressure reaches what psid? What about for the red delta-p? Yellow - 13-16 Red - 21
The engine fuel pump (a 3 impeller centrifugal pump) is splined to and driven off axis-F of the accessory gearbox. The pump operates from 0 up to _________ rpm at 100 percent core speed. 27,139 rpm
Fuel into the AB pumping element is controlled by the positioning of what valve, located at the pump inlet. The tulip valve (throttle valve)
AB fuel flow into the pump is controlled by what valve, which is positioned in response to an EHSV, which in turn, is based on an electrical signal from the FADEC. The AB total metering valve
Starting fuel flow occurs at approximately __ percent compressor rotor speed. Starting fuel flow begins at ____ psi, and is maintained at ____ +/- ___ psi above nozzle actuator fuel pump output pressure until the sub-idle transition point is reached. 10 / 325 / 325 +/- 25
The engine fuel control is assembled to the engine fuel pump, which is splined and attached to what section of accessory gearbox. The aft righthand pad
Main engine fuel flow metering via a metering valve controlled by the FADEC commanded dual coil servovalve. The metering valve is fail-safe at no power. It slews closed at currents less than ___ milliamps. 20
The metering valve position feeds back to the FADEC for closed loop control. What is used for position feedback? A dual channel linear variable differential transformer (LVDT)
What provides the FADEC with a varying resistance proportional to the temperature of the pressurized main combustor fuel exiting the engine fuel pump? Fuel Temperature Transmitter
Where is the fuel temperature transmitter mounted? The engine fuel pump
How many main combuster fuel nozzles are there? 18
What is the minimum force required to open the valve of a fuel nozzle? 200-220 psig.
Each nozzle contains how many spin chambers and an integral scheduling valve which proportions the flow to each chamber in order to obtain optimum atomization. Two spin chambers, one for high flow and one for low flow
What valve is commanded by the FADEC and controls the fuel pressure to the rod and head ports of the actuators. The VEN actuators then control the position of the VEN. VEN Electro-Hydraulic Servovalve (EHSV)
The pilot spraybar manifold is a two piece assembly. The upper manifold has how many pilot distributor valves? What about the lower manifold? All of these valves go to one pilot assist distributor valve. 6 / 5
Created by: Patabbruzzi
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