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Apush Summer ch 2

Apush Summer

Portuguese Exploration Least Likely to expand, lead in exploration,reconquista helped the expansion. one thing that helped was they took back access go Africa from Muslims. Portugese chose trade on the coast and later prepared for India
Henry the Navigator Prince, son of Portuguese King: gathered information, supported crusade against muslims, found new trade, pushed exploration
Bartholomew Dias 1488 sailed around the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa returning to Lisbon saying it is possible to sail to India
Vasco de Gama 10 years of preparation Vasco commanded the first Portuguese fleet to sail to India. Portugal controlled empire in India, Indonesia, and China. Enable more trade with high profits
The Columbus Expedition Columbus believed that the world was a sphere and through incorrect calculations he believed Asia if he sailed west would be 2,500 miles away. However, this went against what everyone believed. He reached central America andspain andprotugualtookownership
Isabella and Ferdinand He tried proving everyone wrong and asked to be sponsored by the spanish king and queen who believed it was worth it.
John Cabot (Caboto) King Henry VII sent John on a Northwest passage where he reached the north of Newfoundland which he thought was part of Asia, went back again but never returned to England
The Northwest Passage To the indies across the North Atlantic
Ferdinand Magellan Led a expedition to circumnavigate the globe in 1519. Crossing the pacific took 4 months and he reached the philippines but his men and himself were killed. disaster but the info about columbus being wrong was important to find a better root to asia
The Columbian Exchange Exchange of goods, people and ideas with the new and old world. Horses, chickens domestic animals etc. were traded.Cannons, epidemics, and diseases were traded as well. Also smoking tobacco became popular in Europe
Hernan Cortez and Spanish Exploration Hernan-became the richest and the most famous conqueror who took 600 men and set out to explore southern America. Through his translator Malinali they all understood the indians
Montezuma and the Mayans montezuma=aztecs, but called themselves Mexica.They believed that the spanish people were the Gods they feared
Juan Ponce de Leon Searched Florida for Riches encouraged by Cortez but was killed in battle with indians
Hernando de Soto seasonal conquistador who was part in the conquest of Peru gathered ships and men to find another Peru in North America
The Encomienda System empowered conquistadors to rule the indians and the lands in and around their towns
The establishment of New Spain Took over most of the New World; mexico, and parts of south america. Forced the indians to work hard and treated them poorly.
The toll of Spanish conquest / colonization indian civilization conquered, leader gone, religion changed, forced to work. more diseases came
Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation Marther Luther was the leader of the protestant reformation who believed faith in God was the only way to heaven; priests were not needed. Many opposed; split christianity
Charles V Most powerful king and monarch in Europe;fought wars, son philip II,spending more than the New Spain was important in so they raised taxes on the middle and low classes;the country went into bankruptcy
The lost Colony of Roanoke Colony was gone most likely from natural resources and indians
Giovanni de Verrazano France sent him to look for a northwest passage
Sir Walter Raleigh Organized an expedition to settle Roanoke island off the coast of present day north Carolina
What kind of trade routes existed in Europe between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries? http://www.cram.com/cards/american-history-_chapter-01-398964
Which factors encouraged Europeans to begin looking for new trade routes in the fifteenth century?
Why did the Portuguese play a key role in European exploration?
Why did Christopher Columbus believe that Asia could be reached easily by a westward route, and what was the significance of his voyage?
Who settled New Spain, and what kind of social system did the colonists create?
What had Spain hoped for in its sponsorship of Columbus's voyages? What was the real value o
New World discoveries in the first decades after Columbus had made landfall on San Salvador? Realized it was not asia and that colombus was wrong and indians lived on the land and the land had promise for riches
In the sixteenth century, what did France and England do to try to imitate Spanish colonization in the New World? Was either country as successful as Spain?