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Clinical Phase I

Clinical Phase I- UWS Quarter 7 -General Physical Exam Flow

Patient/Doc PositionsExam Procedures
Seated Vitals Temp, Pulse, Respiration rate, Bi-lat BP
Standing (outside of exam room) Height, Weight, Snellen Chart, Gait
Standing (inside exam room) Heel/toe walk, Squat and rise, posture, waist and hip circumference, Romberg, Single-leg stand/rotation, finger to nose, AROM
Seated (stand in front of patient) Cervical/shoulder/elbow/wrist/TMJ ROM and palpation, inspect head/neck, palpate thyroid/submental/submandibular nodes, Cranial nerves, Ophthalmo-/oto-/rhinoscope, Neuro (sensory, DTR, Motor C5-T1)
Seated (stand behind patient) Lung exam, Cervical palpation/orthopedics
Seated (patient straddles the table) Spinal percussion, Kemp's, Lumbar and thoracic motion palp
Supine (stand or sit at head of table) Active cervical flexion, Jull, Cervical PROM, Cervical motion palp
Supine (stand or sit near patient's abdomen) Abdominal Exam, Check ASIS height
Supine (stand at foot of table) Feet- inspect, palp temp, dorsal pedial and post tib pulses, dorsi flexion, eversion Hip- int/ext rotation, Leg length, Allis, Neuro (Lumb/Sac plexus and cord)
Supine (stand near patient's thigh) Low back and pelvis orthopedics
Side Posture Active hip ABDuction, Ober's test
Prone (stand at foot of table) Leg length, internal rot with knees bent, palp calf for tenderness
Prone (stand at side of table near thigh) Low back/Pelvis orthopedics, Soft tissue/osseous/joint evaluations
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