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America's Land

Chapter 1: America's Land

landform A feature on the surface of the land such as a plain, mountain or valley.
plateau A high steep-sided area rising above the surrounding land.
climate The type of weather a place has over a long period of time.
equator The imaginary line around the middle of the earth.
physical map A map that shows the location of physical land features, such as landforms, bodies of water, or resources.
political map A map that shows cities, states and countries.
capital resource A tool, machine, or building that people use to produce goods and services.
human resource People and the skills and knowledge they bring to their work.
scarcity Not having as much of something as people would like.
opportunity cost The thing you give up when you decide to do or have something else.
conservation The protection and wise use of natural resources.
region An area that has one or more features in common.
economy The system people use to produce goods and services.
specialization The result of people making the goods they are best able to produce with the resources they have.
consumer Someone who buys goods and services.
trade The buying and selling of goods.
environment The surroundings in which people, plants, and animals live.
erosion The process by which water and wind wear away the land.
pollution Anything that makes the soil, air, or water dirty and unhealthy.
ecosystem A community of plants and animals, along with the surrounding soil, air and water.
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