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FTCE K-6 Math

FTCE SAE Elementary Education Math

sum of the areas of all faces surface area
how many feet in 1 yard 3
what metric unit is next (larger than) after decimeter? meter
what metric base unit is used for volume? liter
what metric base unit is used for length? meter
the metric base unit gram is used to measure what? mass/weight
how many cups are in 1 gallon? 16
If ab=c, and all are greater than 0, what does b=? c/a
a 2-D representation of a 3-d object is called this net
what is 20% of 150? 30
input/output diagrams are useful for modeling this. function rules
how do you convert .86 into a fraction without a calculator? put 86/100 (since the decimal stops in the hundredths place) then reduce to lowest terms
what is the expanded form of 1098? One thousand ninety-eight
what is 3 for $5.00 as a unit rate expressed per dollar? .60 per dollar
what metric unit is before (smaller than) the liter? deciLiter
a number that has factors other than just itself and 1 composite
a fraction expressed as a whole number with a fraction less than one mixed number
the divisibility rule that says to add up the digits of the number and see if the sum is divisible by the same number is the rule for dividing by 9/ 9 division test
name the order of operations parentheses, exponents, (multiplying and dividing), (adding and subtracting)
how many angles does a hexagon have 6
the capital letter A has what types of symmetry? vertical symmetry
the capital letter B has what types of symmetry horizontal symmetry
how many faces does a triangular pyramid have 4
how many inches are in a kilometer? 39370.1
a paperclip weighs about 1 gram
what math property states that (6+5)+4 = 6+ (5+4) associative
what math property states that 6(5+4) = 6*5 + 6*4 distributive
what math property states that 6+5+4 = 6+4+5 commutative
what is the measure of variability range
what are the three measures of central tendency mean, median, mode
what unit of measurement would be appropriate to measure the time it takes to run a mile? minutes
what are the 4 types of transformations a shape or point can undergo? dilation, rotation, reflection, translation
give an example of a number that is SMALLER when squared. (any positive number between 0 and 1)
what do the edges of the box in a box and whisker plot represent quartile 1 and quartile 3 (end of 1st and 3rd quarters of data)
what does the middle line in a box and whisker plot represent median
how can you recognize a unit of area? the unit would be a length unit squared, such as meters squared.
how can you recognize a unit of volume? the unit would be a length unit to the third power, or in a unit such as liters.
a rhombus with 90 degree angles would be a square
a kite with 90 degree angles would be a rectangle
order the following SI prefixes from lowest to highest: deci, nano, centi, micro, base (m,g,L), milli, and kilo nano, micro, milli, centi, deci, base(m,g,L), kilo
SI unit of measurement used for mass kilogram
1mL of water has a mass of 1 gram
What is a good pneumonic device for the metric system? King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk (Kilo Hecto Deca Base Deci Centi Milli)
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