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Gross Anatomy 2


Landmark of the larynx laryngeal prominence
Where is the larynx midline of the anterior aspect of then neck between C4 and C6
4 major laryngeal cartilages thyroid, cricoid, arytenoid, epiglottic
Unpaired largest cartilage of the larynx thyroid cartilage
What's continuous anteriorly on the thyroid cartilage? two broad laminae
What does the broad laminae of the thyroid cartilage from thyroid notch and laryngeal prominence on the superior borders
what articulates with the hyoid bone and cricoid cartilage of the thyroid cart. sup. and inf. horns (cornu)
Gap between the superior border of the thyroid cartilage and hyoid bone is bridge by what? thyrohyoid membrane
Unpaired, ring-shaped and directly below the thyroid cartilage cricoid cartilage
Which cartilage has a narrow anterior arch and a broad posterior lamina cricoid cartilage
Paired, small, and are situated atop the superior edge of the lamina of the cricoid cartilage arytenoid cartilages
Pyramid-shaped with prominent vocal and muscular processes arytenoid cartilages
Unpaired, leaf-shaped cartilage that forms the anterior wall of the laryngeal aditus epiglottic cartilage
Two minor laryngeal cartilages corniculate & cuneiform cartilages
Paired, small and cone shaped cartilage corniculate cartilages
Cartilages atop the apices of the arytenoid cartilages corniculate cartilages
Paired, small and are on the upper edge of the quadrangular membrane to the corniculate cartilages cuneiform cartilages
Extends from the sides of the epiglottic cartilage to the corniculate and arytenoid cartilages. quadrangular membrane
A well-developed sheet. It arises from the upper border of the arch of the cricoid cartilage and extends upward and medially conus elasticus
Upper edges of both conus elasticus are thickened to form what? vocal ligaments
Reflection of mucosa over the upper edge of the quadrangular membrane creates what? aryepiglottic fold
Reflected mucosa of the lower free edge of the membrane creates vestibular fold
false vocal cord vestibular fold
Lateral reflection of mucosa from the vestibular fold creates a small lateral recess ventricle of the larynx
Inferior leaf of mucosa of this reflection continues over the free edge of the vocal ligament to form what vocal fold (vocal cord)
Space that forms the entrance to larynx aditus
Aditus is bounded anteriorly by ____, laterally by ____, and posteriorly by ____ epiglottis; aryepiglottic folds; corniculate tubercles
Cavity between medial surfaces of the two quadrangular membranes vestibule
space between vestibular folds rima vestibuli
Small lateral recess ventricle
Space between vocal cords rima glottidis
cavity extending from vocal cords to inferior border of cricoid cartilage subglottic(infraglottic) cavity
Arises from anterolateral surface of arch of cricoid cartilage, inserts on lower aspect of thyroid lamina cricothyroid
Action of the cricothyroid muscle pulls thyroid anteroinferiorly toward the arch of the cricoid, thus lengthening, tensing and adducting vocal cord
Arises from post. surface of cricoid lamina and isnerts on muscular process of arytenoid cartilage post. cricoarytenoid
Action of the post. cricoarytenoid rotates arytenoid cartilage laterally, thus abducting vocal cord
Arises laterally from upper and outer surfaces of cricoid arch and inserts on muscular process of arytenoid cartilage lateral cricoarytenoid
Action of the lat. cricoarytenoid rotates arytenoid cartilage medially thus adducting vocal cord
Extends transversely between post. surfaces of the arytenoid cartilages transverse arytenoid
Action of the transverse arytenoid approximates the arytenoid cartilages
Extends obliquely between posterior surfaces of arytenoid cartilages oblique arytenoid
Arises from the inner surface of thyroid lamina near midline, runs dorsally to insert on lateral surface of arytenoid cartilage thyroarytenoid
Lies between quadrangular membrane and thyroid lamina thyroarytenoid
Action of the thyroarytenoid pulls arytenoid cartilage anteriorly, thereby reducing tension on vocal cord and shortening it; it also rotate arytenoid cartilage medially, thereby adducting vocal cord
Antagonis to cricothyroid thyroarytenoid
arises from inner midline surface of thyroid lamina and inserts on vocal process of arytenoids cartilage vocalis
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