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Gross Anatomy 2

Female Reproductive System

Ovaries are located where? along the posterior surface of the broad ligaments against the lateral wall of the pelvis
Mesentery which suspends the ovary from the posterior surface of the broad ligament Mesovarium
Two additional attachments associated with the ovary suspensory lig. of the ovary and round ligament of the ovary(ovarian ligament)
Peritoneal fold which attaches to the upper(tubal) end of the ovary. Contains ovarian vessels. suspensory lig. of the ovary
Extends from the lower(uterine) end of the ovary to the lateral border of the uterus. round lig. of the ovary(ovarian lig.)
Round lig. of the ovary(ovarian lig.) is homologous with what of the male gubernaculum
The uterine tubes extend from what to what uterus; ovaries
Where are the uterine tubes located superior free edges of the broad ligaments
4 parts of the uterine tubes infundibulum, ampulla, isthmus and interstitial(uterine) portion
Funnel shaped terminal end of the uterine tube infundibulum
What part of the uterine tube contains fimbriae? infundibulum
broad, thin-walled segment of the uterine tube and makes up the greatest part of the tube ampulla
A thick-walled segment of the uterine tube with a somewhat constricted lumen isthmus
Uterine tube portion that traverses the uterine wall interstitial(uterine) portion
Thick-walled, muscular, pear-shaped organ interposed between the rectum and the bladder uterus
2 portions of the uterus body and cervix
Largest portion, somewhat flattened part of the uterus Body of the uterus
Part of the uterine body which projects above the level of the uterine tubes fundus
Part of the uterine body which is located below the level of the uterine tubes body proper
What's located inside the body of the uterus and is lined by what? uterine cavity; endometrium
Part of the uterine body that extends from the lateral border of the uterus, runs through the broad ligament and traverses the inguinal canal. Where does it terminate? round lig. of the uterus; subcutaneous tissue of the labia majora
Caudal portion of uterus which projects into the anterior wall of the vagina cervix
Constricted junction of the body and the cervix isthmus
Lower uterine segment isthmus
Part of the cervix which dilates during pregnancy isthmus
Lumen of the isthmus internal os
At the apex of the cervix = opening of uterus into vagina uterine ostium(external os)
Groove between vaginal wall and cervix vaginal fornix
Position of the uterus is normally what? anteverted and anteflexed
Tilted forward from the vagina so that the axes of the two organs are NOT parallel anteverted
The uterine body itself is slightly curved, with the concavity facing anteriorly and inferiorly anteflexed
Thin-walled, elastic-like tube extending from the cervix of the uterus to the vaginal orvice vagina
Cervix projects into the ____ of the vagina anterior wall
The internal end of the vagina represents the ____ posterior fornix
The body, a portion of the cervix, and uterine tubes are enclosed within a sheet of ____ which divides the pelvic cavity into ____ peritoneum; anterior and posterior sheets
The anterior and posterior sheets of peritoneum approximate one another, and extend from ____ to ____, forming ____ uterus to lateral pelvic wall; broad ligaments(one on each side of uterus)
Broad ligaments is subdivided into 3 portions mesovarium, mesosalpinx and mesometrium
Extension of the posterior sheet of peritoneum and provides support for the ovary mesovarium
Upper portion of the broad lig. immediately adjacent to the uterine tube and above the attachment of the mesovarium mesosalpinx
Major part of the broad ligament and extends from the lateral margin of the uterus to the lateral pelvic wall mesometrium
Mesentery of the ovary mesovarium
Mesentary of the uterine tube mesosalpinx
Mesentery of the uterus mesometrium
Part of the broad ligament just below the mesovarium mesometrium
Within the base of the broad ligament are what? vessels, nerves & lymphatic channels
Aggregation of CT sheaths in the broad ligament lateral cervical ligament or cardinal ligament
Ligament that provides significant support to the uterus lateral cervical ligament or cardinal ligament
Cardinal ligament is attached to the what? isthmus of the uterus
Structures that support uterus urinary bladder, cardinal ligament, pelvic diaphragm, sacral uterine lig. and round lig. of uterus
Peritoneal pouches associated with the uterus vesicouterine pouch and rectouterine pouch
Peritoneal pouch between uterus and bladder vesicouterine pouch
Peritoneal pouch between uterus and rectum rectouterine pouch(Douglas' Pouch)
Lies in upper, lateral margin of the rectouterine pouch uterosacral/sacrouterine ligament
Ligament of the uterus that extends from the middle of the sacrum to the isthmus of the uterus uterosacral/sacrouterine ligament
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