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Gross Anatomy 2

Surface Anatomy

T9 Xiphoid process
Line halfway between the suprasternal notch and the pubis, about one hand breadth below xiphoid Transpyloric plane
L1 Trnaspyloric plane
Transpyloric plane passes through what pylorus of the stomach, duodenojejunal junction, neck of pancreas and the hila of kidneys
L3 Subcostal plane
Line joining the most inferior point of the thoracic cage on each side, inferior margin of rib 10 Subcostal plane
L4 Plane of the iliac crests
Umbilicus lies at which vertebral segments L3/L4
L5 Intertubercular/transtubercular plane
Line passing through the iliac tubercles Intertubercular/transtubercular plane
Where is the abdominal region of the liver located right hypochondriac and epigastric regions
Surface anatomy of the liver, upper and lower borders lower - tip of right 10th rib to junction of left 5th rib and left mid clavicular line upper - horizontally to the right at level of 5th ribs, just inferior to nipples
Surface anatomy of the gallbladder tip of costal cartilage 9
Surface anatomy of the spleen deep to the 9th, 10th and 11th ribs and just posterior to midaxillary line
Surface anatomy of the aorta bifurcation at L4 and just left of the midline
Surface anatomy of the pancreas transpyloric plane passes through the neck and just anterior to the vertebral column
Upper pole of the left kidney lies where Deep to ribs 11 and 12
Upper pole of the right kidney lies where Deep to rib 12
Lower poles of the kidney's are where Just above the highest parts of the iliac crests
Surface anatomy of the stomach left hypochondriac region and left half of the epigastric region
Surface anatomy of the duodenum Around L2 which is just below the transpyloric plane
In an anterior surface projection, the jejunum and ileum are mostly where In the umbilical and hypogastric regions
Surface anatomy of the cecum In right iliac fossa, superior to the lateral half of the inguianal ligament
Surface anatomy of the appendix Junction of the lower 1/3 and middle 1/3 of a line connecting the umbilicus and the ASIS
Surface anatomy of the ascending colon Right lumbar region
Surface anatomy of the right colic flexure Costal cartilage 10
Surface anatomy of the transverse colon Level of the umbilicus
Abdominal region of the left colic flexure left hypochondriac region and deep to costal cartilage 8
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