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midterm timeline

history 101 midterm timeline

President could deport aliens Alien Act, 19
jefferson wrote most of it Declaration of independence
Couldn't tax or raise revenue legislative
north vs south 3/5 compromise
pinkey's treaty with spain
States rights-against alien and sedition Acts virginia and kentucky resolutions
yorktown cornwallis surrenders, 1781
Gave impetus to vote for independence resolution of independence, july 2, 1776
secretary of state thomas jefferson
5 states adopt resolution to call philadelphia convention annapolis convention, 1786
virginia plan large state plan- representation based on population
shay's rebellion aganst foreclosing mortgages
montesquieu seperation of powers
Financed revolution paper money, domestic borrowing, foreign loans from france, spain, holland
created a national government articles of confederation drafted 1777, adopted 1781
ratification of constitution fight over bill of rights
no effectve national law judicial
by committee- ineffective executive
elected one presi
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