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depression a long period of servers economic and social hardship, massive unemployment
recession l经济衰退ess severe than a depression,a recession is a downtorn in economic activity in which the value of goods and services decline
recovery 恢复in the economic cycle, the period following a recession during the values of good and services rises
black tuesday oct 9,1929. when the NY stock exchange collapsed
anti semitism 反犹太运动-discrimination toward jewish people
deflation when the price of goods and service fall
on-to-Ottawa trek a 1935 rail trip from vancouver to Ottawa by unemployed men to protest conditions at employment relief camp
new deal a series program,such as -social assistance for the aged and unemployed,introduced by US president roosevelt in the 1930s to deal with depression
welfare state a state in which the government actively looks after the well-being of its citizens
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