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Ch. 24 - the 1920s

Chapter 24, the 1920s

return to normalcy Slogan for Warren Hardings election campaign that (among other things) called for an isolationist foreign policy.
Sacco and Vanzetti Italian immigrants who were arrested, tried and executed for a robbery and murder even though much of the evidence against them was circumstantial. Much anti-radical, anti-foreign hysteria surrounded the case.
Red Scare a period of time where the public feared those with suspected communist ties and the government went after people with communist ties.
Great Migration mass movement of African Americans to Northern cities during WWI
Nineteenth Amendment guaranteed all women the right to vote
Eighteenth Amendment The Prohibition Amendment. Banned the production and sale of alcohol.
Twenty-first Amendment Repealed the 18th Amendment
Harlem Renaissance flourishing of African American culture that happened during the 1920s (particularly in Northern cities)
nativism idea that native born Americans were superior to foreign born Americans (and their ancestors). Came about because of increased immigration and fear of foreign ideas
National Origins Act limited immigration for certain countries
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